NameAdvisor/s Country of OriginTitle of Research

Allegrini Claudia

Prof. D. Saltz,

Prof. Carmi Korine



Arroyave Maria

Dr. M. Seifan


Inter- and intra-specific interactions under abiotic stress? experiment approach with three model plants

Bar Ziv Einat

Dr. O. Berger-Tal


Attraction and repulsion- using aversive conditioning in human-striped hyena

Ben Zvi Gilad

Dr. I. Giladi

Dr. M. Seifan


Seed dispersal in Sternbergia clusiana and its potential relation to distribution patterns of the species and to forestation effects on the viability of its populations

Dener Efrat

Dr. I. Giladi,

Prof. O.Ovadia


The interactive effects of genetic relatedness and selection pressures on seeds dispersal distances in an annual plant

Efrat Ron

Dr. O. Berger-Tal


Age-related learning and survival in Egyptian vultures (Neophron percnopterus)

Flatau Ron

Dr. H. Hawlena,

Dr. M. Segoli



Hadar Yuval

Dr. O. Berger-Tal, Prof. Carmi Korine


The role of Pistacia atlantica  trees as keystone structures in the Negev Desert Highlands in Israel

Saravia De Menenezes Jorge Fernando

Prof. B. Kotler



Segev Nitzan

Dr. O. Berger-Tal


Using animal behavior to assess the consequences of cost-effective indicators of restoration efforts of oil spills on animal communities and to develop cost-effective indicators of restoration. 

Slowik Fabian

Dr. M. Seifan



Tichon Jonathan

Dr. S. Bar-David

Prof. D. Saltz


Demography and Spatial Movement of the Nubian Ibex Population of the Judean Desert

Vardi Reut

Dr. O. Berger-Tal


The consequences of long-term co-evolution with humans: behavioral flexibility in the house sparrow (Passer domesticus)