Spring Semester 2023/2024

Yael Ram, Ashkelon Academic College

Resilience of ecosystem services and tourism

Shai Meiri, Tel-Aviv University

​Reptile ecology, physiology, and conservation - Israel & beyond

Hung Manh Nguyen, Ben-Gurion University

​Seagrass meadows - the hidden treasures under the sea in the face of climate change

​Hila Segre, Agricultural Research Authority

​The yield-biodiversity trade-off in farming – are we successfully closing the gaps?


Tamar Zandberg, Ben-Gurion University

​Tackling climate change in an era of polycrisis: Accelerating science-based climate policy

Keren Klass, Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

​Effects of fine-scale habitat loss and fragmentation on the population genetics and gut microbiomes of endangered black howler monkeys

Ying-jie Wang, Ben-Gurion University

​Thermal evolution ameliorates the long-term plastic effects of warming, temperature fluctuations and heat waves on predator-prey interaction strength

Lital Ozeri, Ben-Gurion University

​Ph.D. concluding seminar - Scale-dependent Processes among Arthropod Communities in Agroecosystems

Mia Maor, Ben-Gurion University

Ph.D. concluding seminar - Settling into a novel environment: responses to predator-related trauma​

Einat Zahabian, Ben-Gurion University

​Ph.D. concluding seminar - "Under Pressure": Desert tourism pressure on wildlife behavior around natural water sources