Fall Semester 2023/2024

02/01/2024Uri Roll, Ben-Gurion UniversityThe potential of publicly available online data for ecology and conservation
09/01/2024Keith D. Harris, Hebrew University of JerusalemEcological modeling of gene drives

Assaf Shwartz, The TechnionConservation outside protected areas: designing effective multi-functional landscapes and ecological corridors\\
23/01/2024Shay Rotics, Tel-Aviv UniversityWorkload division in cooperative breeding mole-rats and meerkats
30/01/2024Nicolas Dubas, Ben-Gurion UniversityModelling threatened and invasive species from complex data sources to promote conservation actions
06/02/2024Liron Shani, Hebrew University of Jerusalem When does an alien become native? and more anthropological insights on alien species and nature conservation
13/02/2024Krista Oswald, Ben-Gurion UniversityUsing small footprints to answer big questions - what habitat specialists can tell us about adjusting to a changing world
20/02/2024Sariel Hubner, Tel-Hai collegeGenomic landscapes of adaptation to future climate
27/02/2024Aviad Scheinin, University of HaifaApex predator research challenges and findings in the Israeli Mediterranean Sea
05/03/2024Miguel de Guinea, Hebrew University of JerusalemThe role of inter-individual behavioral differences when coping with change in the Anthropocene: the case of Fan-tailed ravens (Corvus rhipidurus) in the Dead Sea
12/03/2024Jonathan Belmaker, Tel-Aviv UniversityClimate change and the redistribution of marine fishes