As part of a countrywide pilot program, free inter-library loan service was provided for faculty, staff and students for a trial period starting on 1.11.2018.

After checking the usage data at all the participating universities, the results obtained led us to make the following changes as of 15.3.2019.

Orders from abroad:  Up to 20 books free of charge per semester, on condition that the cost of a single order does not exceed 200 NIS.

Orders from National Library of Israel:  Single orders exceeding 200 NIS will incur the cost of the order.

​Other than these changes, the inter-library loan service will continue to be provided free of charge.


​​​​You can order items through the Interlibrary Loan by placing the order through the online Resource Sharing Request form. You can place the order only after you sign in to your BGUsearch account.

​Materials that can be requested as Interlibrary Loans:

The library has cooperative agreements with Israel's university and scientific libraries and foreign libraries.  Should the need arise, you can request the following types of materials from another library:

  • Books, including Masters and Doctoral theses (on condition that they “circulate" in their home libraries).
  • Photocopies (e.g.: an article from a book or a journal, a questionnaire, a patent).  The copying is performed in accordance with Copyright law.

Service Fee

There is a fee for this service.  See the explanation in Notes for Students and Notes for Instructors below.  A fee is levied on all requested items that are received by the library.  Please cancel requests for unneeded materials as soon as possible.

To access the Fee Schedule, click here.

Online Payments (in hebrew). 


Requestor Notification

Notification of receipt of the item by the library will be sent to your BGU email account. (It is important that your current e​mail appear in your “library card".)  You can follow the status of your request via your online “library ca​rd" (in the BGUsearch, at the top of the page, on the right-hand side of the screen.  You need to log-in).  Details of all your Interlibrary Loan requests appear under the “Requests" tab. 

The possible status types are:

·        Created borrowing request - your order has been received and awaits handling.

·        Request sent to partner - your order was sent to another library with a request for circulation of your item.

·         Physically received by library - your order has arrived and awaits you at the Circulation Desk.


Collecting the supplied item from the Library 

Once you have been informed that the library has received the requested item, you are requested to pay the Interlibrary Loan fee through the university's online payment website, a link to which can be found on the library's website. Be sure to pick up your item as soon as possible from the Interlibrary Loan office (room 204 on the entry level of the library).  The office is open Sunday to Thursday, from 8:30-15:00.  After 15:00, Interlibrary Loan items can be picked up from the librarians at the Circulation Desk.


Notes for Students 

Book requests from other BGU libraries (the Ben-Gurion Research Institute Library, the Jane Schapiro Library of the Blaustein Institute for Desert Research and the Eilat campus library), are free of chargeThere is a fee for book requests from other academic libraries.  Please check the cost in the Fee Schedule before placing your request.  You may borrow Inter-library loan books for two weeks.  The loan will be recorded in your Library Card.  An extension of the loan period may be requested from the Interlibrary Loan Office.

Online Payments (in hebrew). 


There is a fee for photocopy requests from all libraries.


Should the requested item not be available from an Israeli library, it can be requested from outside the country.  Please remember that Interlibrary Loans from foreign libraries are considerably more expensive.  For further information on costs and delivery times contact the Circulation Desk.


Students enjoy subsidized service fee rates.  Should you not pick up the requested item in a timely manner, you will be charged the full service fee.


Notes for Instructors 

The Interlibrary Loan fees will be charged to your research budget. You must enter your budget number in the Comments section of the Resource Sharing Request form.

Should the budget not have sufficient funds to cover the fees, you will need to pay the fee yourself.

You may borrow Interlibrary Loan books for two weeks. An extension of the loan period may be requested from the Interlibrary Loan department.


Contact the Inter-library Loan librarians 

Directly in the Interlibrary Loan Office, room 204, Sunday through Thursday, 8:30-15:00

Telephone: 08-6461411 or 08-6461437