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Department of Chemistry, Department of Electro-optics, Department of Physics, and The Ilse Katz Institute  for Nanoscale Science & Technology
Contact details:
Phone: +972(0)50-202-9631
Mobile: +972(0)8-646-1635
Office: 201/30
Key words for expertise:
Collision theory, quantum scattering, light scattering, nonlinear optics,
laser Band_Light_cover.jpgphysics and chemistry, atomic and molecular physics and chemistry, dissociation of molecules, optimal control theory, electron transport phenomena in condensed phases, degenerate quantum fluids,
thermodynamics, quantum information.
Vision for participation in the QI center:
·         Theoretical studies leading QI devices
·         Understanding of mixed state entanglement
·         Control of decoherence and dephasing.
Selected (relevant) publications:
Y. Avishai and Y. B. Band, “Landau-Zener with Decay or Dephasing”, Phys. Rev. A90, 032116 (2014).;
Y. Avishai, Y. B. Band and M. Trippenbach, “Feshbach Resonance in a Simple Tight-Binding Model”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 155301 (2013).
P. Szańkowski,  M. Trippenbach and Y. B. Band, “Spin decoherence due to Fluctuating Fields”, Phys. Rev. E87, 052112 (2013).
Y. B. Band and I. Osherov, “Collisionally Induced Atomic Clock Shifts and Correlations”, Phys. Rev. A84, 013822 (2011).
N. Argaman and Y. B. Band, “Finite-temperature density-functional theory of Bose-Einstein condensates”, Phys. Rev. A83, 023612 (2011). 
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