The BGU center for quantum science and technology (BGU-QST) is a unique center that brings together scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to promote a quantum revolution.

This conference aims to bring together young researchers from all fields engaged in quantum technology, to give them understanding and awareness of related work that is being done in other areas of expertise, and to build a cohesive community in quantum technology in Israel.

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May 31, 2018



Quantum technology is an exciting new field that employs the principles of quantum physics in innovative applications, including secure communication, medical diagnostics and treatments, sensing with unprecedented sensitivity, and more.

Researchers in this field work in areas that include physics, chemistry, engineering and computer science. However far too often, students working in one field are ignorant of work that is quite related to their own, but that is done in one or more of the other fields. This conference will bring together representatives of all these different areas, and enable students and researchers to gain understanding and make contact with people outside their own immediate circle who are also engaged in the exciting new field of quantum science and technology.


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Prof. Shlomi Arnon,
Dr. Judy Kupferman,