Dec.6, 2018

Dekel Hall, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Beer Sheva, Israel

By invitation only

BGU German meeting 


9:15 Gathering and refreshments

9:40 Welcome:
Prof. Dan Blumberg, Vice President of Research and Development, BGU
Prof. Shlomi Arnon, Director, BGU Center for Quantum Science and Technology

10:00 Prof. Carsten Henkel, University of Potsdam
Selling randomness? -- What quantum mechanics does not tell us

10:15 Prof. Ron Folman, BGU
Atoms: from fundamental science to technology

10:30 Dr. Andrea Alberti, University of Bonn
Atom transport at the quantum speed limit

10:45 Prof. Ibrahim Abdulhalim, BGU
Exciting localized by extended plasmons as a methodology to obtain higher efficiency quantum sources and detectors

11:00 Dr. Francesco Intravaia, Humboldt University, Berlin
Conservative and non-conservative dispersion forces

11:15 Coffee break

11:35: Prof. Shlomi Arnon, BGU
Quantum key distribution in free space optics

11:50 Dr. Paulo Santos, Paul-Drude Institute, Berlin
Dynamic photon control using acoustic fields.

12:05 Dr. Yehuda Band
Quantum Rotors: Magnetometry and Accelerometry

12:20: Prof. Achim Peters, Humboldt University, Berlin
Mobile atom interferometry and sounding rocket experiments testing robust quantum sensor technology

12:35 Lunch

Collaboration opportunities

13:40: Representatives of BGU R&D Authority

14:10: Dr. Billy Shapiro, Helmholtz Association

14:30: Vera Shifferman, DAAD

14:50 – 15:20 Tour of the Atom Chip laboratory of Prof. Ron Folman

15:20 Coffee break

15:35 Dr. Avishay Carmi, BGU
How quantum mechanics solves the barber paradox

15:50 Robert Joerdens, Quartig
Languages, meta-programmable Logic, and control infrastructure for quantum Information

16:05 Prof. Doron Cohen, BGU
Metastability of condensates in atomtromic circuits

16:20 Dr. Tim Schroeder, Humboldt University
Solid-state spin qubits in nanophotonic Interfaces for quantum information processing.

16:35 Dr. Or Sattath
On preparing ground states of gapped Hamiltonians: an efficient quantum Lovász local lemma

16:50 Dr. Andreas Wicht, Humboldt University
Micro-integrated diode laser modules for quantum sensor applications in space.

17:05 Dr. Christian R. Mueller-Hirschkorn, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light

​17:15 – 17:45 Group discussion 



 at dinner
Left, front to back: Shlomi Arnon, Tim Schroeder, Paulo Santos, Andreas Wicht, Achim Peters, Jonas Till.
Right, front to back: Christian Mueller-Hirschkorn, Robert Joerdens, Carsten Henkel, Ron Folman, Francesco Intravaia, Andrea Alberti

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