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Communication Systems Engineering Department
Contact details:
Email: hadar (at)
Phone: +972(0)8-6472210
Office: 401/37
Key words for expertise:
Image compression, advanced video coding, H.264, SVC, packet video, transmission of video over IP networks, image processing, adiabatic computation, quantum annealing, quantum information processing, quantum measurement.
Vision for participation in the QI center:
Together with Eliahu Cohen of Tel-Aviv University, we would like to contribute to the QI
center on two levels:
·         Using quantum methods such as quantum adiabatic computation, quantum annealing,
Quantum Monte-Carlo for various optimization tasks in classical signal processing, e.g.
image restoration, signal denoising, network optimization and more.
·         Employing classical models for signal processing in the field of quantum information. We
wish to adopt known algorithms for secure communication, coding and compression to make
them fruitful also in the quantum realm.
Selected (relevant) publications:
Quantum Annealing – Foundations and Frontiers
Forthcoming in EPJ-ST, arXiv:1408.5784 (2015).
Correction of defective pixels for medical and space imagers based on Ising theory
SPIE Conf. Proc. 9217 of Optics+Photonics (2014).
D-Wave and predecessors: From simulated to quantum annealing
Int. J. Quantum Inf. 12(3), 1430002 (2014)                                                                  
Complexity-aware adaptive preprocessing scheme for region-of-interest spatial
scalable video coding 
IEEE T. Circ. Syst. Vid. 24.6, 1025-1039 (2014).
Image restoration via Ising theory and automatic noise estimation
IEEE Conf. Proc. of BMSB (2013).
Network coding for multimedia communications
In Intelligent Multimedia Technologies for Networking Applications: Techniques and Tools,
D. Kanellopoulos (Ed.), IGI Global (2013).
Quantum noise filtering with cross-correlations
Image and video restoration via Ising-like models
SPIE Conf. Proc. 8295 of Electronic Imaging (2012).  
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