School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Contact details:
Email: kopeika (at) 
Phone: +972-8-6461543
Key words for expertise:
atmospheric optics, optical turbulence, aerosols, imaging systems, modulation transfer function, mm wave imaging, terahertz imaging, night vision, thermal imaging.
Vision for participation in the QI center:
The QI Center should have a broad system engineering approach, including effects of turbulence-induced tilt and aerosol scatter induced changes in photon direction and communication reliability.
Selected publications:
  1. A. Zilberman, E. Golbraikh, and N.S. Kopeika
    Propagation of EM waves in Kolmogorov and 
     non Kolmogorov atmospheric turbulence: three layer altitude model
    Appl. Opt., vol. 47, pp.
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  2.  A. Zilberman, E. Golbraikh, and N.S. Kopeika,
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  3.  Y. Ben-Aderet, E. Granot, S. Sternklar, T. Tal, and N.S. Kopeika
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  4.   H. Joseph, A. Abramovich, N.S. Kopeika, A. Akram, D. Rozban, and A. Levanon
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  5.  D. Rozban, A. Levanon, H. Joseph, A. Akram, A. Abramovich, N.S. Kopeika, Y. Yitzhaky, A   Belenky, and O.Yadid-Pecht
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     indicator lamps as detectors
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  6.  D. Ginzburg, A. Osovizky, N. Kopeika, J. Paran, I. Cohen-Zada, M. Ghelman, V.   Pushkarsky, E. Marcus, A. Manor, T. Mazor, Y. Kadmon, Y. Cohen,
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  7.  A. Levanon, A. Aharon, N.S. Kopeika, A. Abramovich, D. Rozban, H. Joseph, Y. Yithaky, A. Belenky, M. Gefen, O. Yadid-Pecht
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     Optical Eng., . vol. 52 (6),  063202 (June 24, 2013);  doi: 10.1117/1.OE.52.6.063202
  8. A. Zilberman, E. Golbraikh, and N.S. Kopeika
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    submitted to Applied Optics.
  9. N. Shamir, N.S. Kopeika, and Z. Zalevsky
    Blind source separation of images based upon fractional autocorrelation
    J. Electronic Imaging, vol. 21, Oct. 2012, DOI 10.1117/1. 
  10. D. Rozban, A. Aharon, A. Levanon, A. Abramovich, and N.S. Kopeika
    A W-band chirp  radar mock-up using a glow discharge detector
    IEEE Sensors J., vol. 13, pp. 139-145, Jan. 2
  11. A. Zilberman, Y. Yitzhaky, N.S. Kopeika, and E. Golbraikh
    Atmospheric effects on target
    submitted to Optical Engineering.
  12.  A. Aharon,  D. Rozban, N. S. Kopeika, and A. Abramovich
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  13.  M. Shilemay, D. Rozban, A. Levanon, Y. Yitzhaky, N.S. Kopeika, O. Yadid-Pecht, and A. Abramovich
    Performance quantification of millimeter imaging system based on inexpensive 
    glow discharge detector focal plane array
    Applied Optics, vol. 52(#7), pp. C43-C49, 1
     March, 2013..
  14.  A. Levanon,  N.S. Kopeika, A. Abramovich, D. Rozban, and Y. Yitzhaky
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  15. O. Malca, E. Danieli, S. Gabay, A. Zilberman, N. Kopeika, A. Schechter, and A. Abramovich
    High resolution remote sensing of particles and aerosols in the W-Band (92 -
    100 GHz)
    submitted to Applied Spectroscopy.
  16. A. Levi, N.S. Kopeika, A. Abramovich, and D. Rozban
     Fourier imaging and distance 
    approximation using TOF method for terahertz wave imaging
    Optical Eng., vol. 53, pp. 
     083104-1 – 083104-11, Aug. 2014.
  17. D. Rozban, A. Aharon, A. Abramovich, A. Levanon, and N.S. Kopeika
    Fast response time for 
    detection of millimeter wave radiation using inexpensive glow discharge detectors
     to Appl. Phys. Lett.
  18. Assaf Levanon, Daniel Rozban, Natan S. Kopeika, Yitzhak Yitzhaky, Amir Abramovich
    Capability of long distance 100 GHz FMCW using a single GDD lamp sensor
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  19. N.S. Kopeika
    A System Engineering Approach to Imaging
     SPIE Press, Bellingham, WA, 1998.

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