The Obligatory Signature

The University symbol was designed by Yitzchak Landau in 1969. The symbol consists of a version of the higher education flame and comprises the letters "alef" and "nun", the first letters of "Universitat Hanegev" (University of the Negev - the name of the University until 1974). The designer focused on the vision of David Ben-Gurion to establish a university with a mission to develop the Negev and, therefore, the color orange was chosen, symbolizing the different hues of the desert.

The University signature is a combination of the University symbol and name, with a different font, color, proportion and placing, comprising a basis for a uniform graphic identity whilst retaining the image of a distinguished and dependable institution. Over the years, the symbol and its part in the University signature have become distorted; the Department of Publications and Media Relations has, therefore, initiated the production of this guide of graphic standards.

This guide, designed by Shai Zauderer, presents the adaptation of the University symbol and defines the ways in which the signature can be used in English and Hebrew, incorporating the names of different units as they should appear on all University publications and marketing materials: letter headed paper, newspapers, conferences, presentations, signposts, internet sites etc.

The Department of Publications and Media Relations regards this guide as an important stage in the creation of comprehensive branding. We call upon all units of the University: Faculties, academic departments, institutes and centers, and​ administrative and technical departments, divisions and units to implement the standards presented in this guide in order to reinforce the positive image of the University.

The departmental team is available to answer any questions which may arise.

Osnat Eitan
Director, Department of Publications and Media Relations


Download the full guide