​The official Hebrew-language University magazine, Alef, Bet, Gimmel, appears six times a year and has a circulation of 5,000 printed copies. It is also available online with video stories.

The magazine covers academic activities, emphasizing the scientific work of researchers from all the faculties, as well as student activities and community engagement.

Alef, Bet, Gimmel is distributed to students, University employees (both academic and administrative staff), friends and supporters, journalists, diplomats, and alumni.

To access Alef, Bet, Gimmel, please click here

The editorial staff is open to new ideas and initiatives. Those interested in publishing news items or in sharing information with a human interest angle can contact Haim Zalkai,​ Editor-in-chief at:
Phone: 972-8-6461281
Fax: 972-8-6477674
​E-mail: zalkai@bgu.ac.il