​​Dani Machlis, University Photographer


Internal photography services, including the University archive, are first and foremost intended to serve publications and media relations requirements.

University departments wishing to use the services of the University ​photographer can do so only if the photographer is free and has been booked in advance. The photographer should be contacted at least one week in advance; his ability to supply services is contingent on his availability.

Preference will be given to events of the University administration; international events and conferences with media importance, etc.

It should be noted that it can take up to 10 working days after the event for the photographs to be made available. For large events, it can take longer. 

For your convenience

Online galleries exist in both English and Hebrew (they are not identical) for you to select university photographs for promotional use.

Lo-res pictures can be downloaded from the site. Hi-resolution photos may be requested by number.​

How to get the best pictures from an event?  

The key is creating an environment that allows the photographer to do the job properly.

With your help and these simple guidelines, we can make this happen:

  1. Plan ahead: contact the photography department as early as possible. Contact Dani Machlis at photo@bgu.ac.il to check availability and arrange coverage

  2. Simplify: The photo area should be free of anything you do not want in the photograph. A solid background, stage or podium will result in cleaner, clearer pictures.

  3. Avoid windows and highly reflective objects in the background, particularly mirrors, shiny wallpaper, projection screens and light fixtures.

  4. Place a curtain behind the presentation area if needed to cover up distracting backgrounds or objects. (Please avoid the use of white curtains.)

  5. Avoid setting the photo area in a high traffic area such as the front of the buffet line.

  6. Leave space: The photographer should be positioned around three meters away from the subjects, with no obstructions between him and the event. When presenting a prize or gift etc, stand away from the speaker's podium so that there is a clear line of vision to the gift and recipient.

  7. Plan ahead: speak to the participants beforehand so that they know to turn and face the

    photographer. The awardees are usually nervous and not fully aware of their role in the photo process. Involve all the participants so that they know what to expect.

  8. Photographs cannot be taken in rooms where the lights have been turned down (i.e., during PowerPoint presentations). Please make sure that the room is lit at the time the photographer has to work.

Please note that conditions are not always ideal and our best efforts will be made to produce the best possible photographs. As with most endeavors, advance planning will greatly improve the quality of the final product.  Should you have any further questions, please contact Dani Machlis as far ahead of your event as possible.