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אוניברסיטת בן-גוריון בנגב

Prof. Jackie Feldman

Associate Professor

Room : Room 382, Building 72
Phone : 972-8-6472053
Email :
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Research Interests

I am a veteran immigrant from New York City, a senior lecturer in anthropology in the department of Sociology and Anthropology at Ben Gurion University, and a long-time tour guide. I am interested in pilgrimage , tourism and the relations between them. I have researched Second Temple pilgrimage, the voyages of Israeli youth groups to Holocaust Poland, and Christian pilgrimage to the Holy Land. In recent years, I have undertaken a comparative study of performance in two Holocaust/Jewish history museums – Yad Vashem in Israel and Jewish Museum, Berlin. I focus on the dynamic interplay of building, exhibit, guide and various publics. I show how the differences between the two museums reflect not only variant national collective memories, but the positioning of each of the museums on the local socio-political map. I am currently writing a book entitled “Christian Pilgrim, Jewish Guide, Holy Land”. Based on my own three-decade long experience as a guide, as well as interviews and observations of a variety of guides and groups, I examine pilgrimage as an arena of interreligious and intercultural encounter. Even when people enter the pilgrimage frame in order to confirm their existing views, the encounter results in participants’ (re-)defining their own religious identities with and through others.