The Department of Sociology and Anthropology offers multiple programs at BA level:  BA in Sociology and Anthropology (double major); BA program in Behavioral Sciences (double major sociology-anthropology and psychology);
The BA in Sociology and Anthropology
The BA in Sociology and Anthropology is a three-year program. Students complete 54 credits in sociology and anthropology, while accruing their remaining credits (for a total of 120) in another program of their choice and in general studies. The department also offers a BA minor in sociology and anthropology, requiring 28 credits.
The BA classes in sociology and anthropology are divided into three general types: introductory classes, elective classes, and advanced seminars. The courses cover the entire spectrum of the field of sociological and anthropological methods, theoretical approaches, and major thematic fields.
Basic introductory courses are taken during the first and second year of the program and provide a solid foundation. They include Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Anthropology, and courses on Foundations of Social Sciences, Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods, as well as an extensive course on Society in Israel. Theoretical introductions at an intermediate level are taught in the third year of the program: courses in Advanced Theories in Sociology and Anthropology.
During the second year, students are enrolled in a mandatory course designed to equip them with vital academic skills (using academic databases, reading and writing research academic texts, designing research tasks and so on). The course is organized in working groups of 25 students and is taught by our PhD students.
Elective classes are given in the second and third years, covering a range of specific topics in contemporary sociological and anthropological research. Among elective courses, students should complete 2-4 credits in "regional courses" studying societies and cultures outside Israel.
Advanced seminars and workshops are offered during the third year in a smaller format. They provide a more focused, intensive experience and most include empirical research and analysis in a field topic area proposed by the seminar. Students are required to complete 2-4 seminar credits.
In addition, the department offers other learning experiences in the frame of academic reading tutorials. This is an elective frame in which students meet for individual tutorial hours with one of the faculty members on specific issues of his/her specialization.
The BA program in Behavioral Sciences
The BA program in Behavioral Sciences is offered in cooperation with the Psychology department as a form of flexible double major. The program is designed to provide students with a perspective on human behavior, combining the disciplinary approaches of psychology, sociology, and anthropology. The program consists of the mandatory courses of both departments and enables students to select elective courses in accordance with their disciplinary preference.  The complete program requirement is 108 credits.
The department also has established an "Honors Program" that allows BA students to take one or two courses from the MA program and accumulate credit points towards continued graduate studies in our department.
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