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The Ben-Gurion Research Institute for
the Study of Israel and Zionism
  • Head of Library: Ms. Lily Adar
  • Librarian Mr.Yefim Magarill
    Phone:  08-6596944 ; 08-6596943

The institute's library has over 40,000 books in such fields as Zionism, Yishuv history, the Zionist labor Movement, the Arab-Israeli conflict, Immigration and settlement, Jews in the diaspora, especially in the United States.

The Library subscribes to 48 journals in Hebrew and other languages.

Acquisitions are made according to guidelines of the institute's Scientific Council in order to estalish a study base as broad as possible for students and scholars.

The Ben-Gurion Data-Base

The data-base contains 33,000 articles, speeches, and letters by and about
David Ben-Gurion, in Hebrew and other languages.
It is made up exclusively of published material from books, articles and daily newspapers.
Most of the material has been indexed according to subject matter. The data-base is constantly updated on-line.


The Bibliography Project

The library staff issued series of chronological bibliographies in Hebrew, that included all of Ben-Gurion's speeches, articles and letter:

  • Volume I -
    David Ben-Gurion,
    A Bibliography (1904-1948), 1998, [in Hebrew].
  • Volume II -
    David Ben-Gurion,
    A Bibliography (1949-1973), 2003, [in Hebrew].
  • Volume III -
    David Ben-Gurion,
    A Bibliography,
    Selection of Articles about Ben-Gurion 1921-1999, (2006).
  • A Thesaurus - For the History of Zionism
    and the Revival of Israel in Relation to D. Ben-Gurion’s Papers, 2000,
    [in Hebrew].

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