​​The Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism publishes two peer-reviewed
journals. The Hebrew language journal, Iyunim (Studies in Israeli and Modern Jewish Society), published annually for the past 20 years, provides a platform for the examination of Israeli history and society from a variety of perspectives. In addition to the annual volume, Iyunim publishes thematic volumes on topics such as Zionism, the economy, and controversial Zionist leaders. Future volumes will focus on gender, music, and secularism versus traditionalism in the modern age. Notably, this journal features on the syllabi of all Israel studies courses in the country.
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The Institute's English-language journal, Israel Studies, has been published since 1996 and is the
leading international journal on Israel studies. In use around the world, it offers access to cuttingedge research on Israel. Israel Studies has been cosponsored by Brandeis University since 2006 and appears three times annually.

It presents multidisciplinary scholarship on Israeli history, politics, society, and culture. It is published three times a year. Each issue includes essays and documents on issues of broad interest reflecting diverse points of view. Temporal boundaries extend to the pre-state period, although emphasis is on the State of Israel. Due recognition is also given to events and phenomena in diaspora communities as they affect the Israeli State. In addition to articles, issues include documents and review essays of recent scholarly research on Israel.

S. Ilan Troen, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev / Brandeis University
Natan Aridan, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


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Recently Published: Israel Studies (IUP) 24.3 (Fall, 2019)
Index 1.1-24.3 (1996-2019) .1-24.3


Statement from the Co-Editors & Letter of Dissent, 17.6.2019​

The Editors' Response to Dissent letter for Israel Studies Editorial Board-May 1, 2019​

CALL FOR ARTICLES – SPECIAL ISSUE ON: 70 Years of Israel and the UN 
Proposals should be sent to istudies@bgu.ac.il no later than December 1, 2018

Perspectives on Israel Studies book series published by Indiana University Press on behalf of the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies (Brandeis University) and the Ben-Gurion Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev). 

Perspectives on Israel Studies - S. Ilan Troen, Natan Aridan, Donna Robinson Divine, David Ellenson, Arieh Saposnik, and Jonathan Sarna, editors (Indiana University Press)


S. Ilan Troen and Rachel Fish, eds., Essential Israel - Essays for the 21st Century

Avshalom RubinThe Limits on the Land: How the Struggle for the West Bank Shaped the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Lilach Rosenberg-FriedmanBirthrate Politics in Zion; Judaism, Nationalism, and Modernity under the British Mandate

Avraham Sela and Alon Kadish edsThe War of 1948 Representations of Israeli and Palestinian Memories and Narratives

Moshe Shemesh, Palestinian National Revival; In the Shadow of the Leadership Crisis, 1939-1967 

Neil Caplan and Kobi Sharett, My Struggle for Peace; The Diary of Moshe Sharett, 1953-1956

Philip Hollander, From Schlemiel to Sabra  Zionist Masculinity and Palestinian Hebrew Literature

Uri Bialer, A People Shall Not Dwell Alone: The Foreign Policy of Israel, 1948-1993

Rachel Rojanski, Yiddish in Israel, A History

Michal Shaul, Beauty for Ashes: Holocaust Memory and the Rehabilitation of Ultraorthodox Society in Israel 1945-1961

Paula Kabalo, Israeli Community Action: Living Through the War of Independence

Israelis is an academic journal published by the Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel & Zionism. ​The journal is published once a year and serves as a bilingual publishing platform for research on Israel & Zionism by Ph.D. candidates and early-career researcher (up to 5 years from the submission date of the dissertation)   visit our website »