The Glazer-CIS @ BGRI Israel Studies Seminar for Chinese Students

Hosted by the Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel & Zionism (BGRI)

The Israel Phenomenon: Ancient Culture, Modern State

February 16 – February 22, 2018


Academic Director: Dr. Avi Shilon,

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Read about last year's Glazer-CIS@BGRI Israel Studies Seminar for Chinese Students in a Chinese-language article from the Oriental Morning Post:

"Making More Friends: Israel Offers First-ever Introduction Program for Chinese Students"

General Information

Diane & Guilfold Philanthropies and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev are pleased to invite all Chinese students residing in Israel to participate in an eight-day seminar that focuses on Israeli history, society, politics and culture. The seminar will take place from February 16 to February 22, 2018, at the Ben-Gurion Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism (BGRI) – located in the heart of the Negev Desert, at the Sede Boqer campus (Midreshet Ben-Gurion) of Ben-Gurion University.

Endorsed by the Council of Higher Education, the upcoming seminar is a unique opportunity for Chinese students to enhance their experiences in Israel. The participants will gain insights into the history of the Zionist movement, the key movements in Israeli culture from the pre-state years to the present, and the general political structure of Israel, including its system of governance and the relationship between religion and the state. The lectures and workshops will be given in English by faculty members from BGRI, each according to his or her field of expertise.


Academic Study

BRGI is devoted to documentation and research about Zionism and contemporary Israeli society. BGRI’s faculty members have initiated, founded, and currently lead two academic programs in the field: an undergraduate program in Israel Studies at Ben-Gurion University’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Woodman-Scheller Israel Studies International Program (WSISIP) run by BRGI. BRGI also hosts doctoral and post-doctoral students from Israel and abroad.


Under the guidance of leading scholars from BGRI, the seminar participants will have an opportunity to explore the Ben-Gurion Heritage Center and the Ben-Gurion Archives. Dr. Avi Shilon from BGRI, an author of “Menachem Begin: A Life” (2012) and “Ben-Gurion: His Later Years in the Political Wilderness” (2016), will serve as the Academic Director for the Glazer Seminar of 2018.