Prof. Emda Orr (1933-2011) was a faculty member in the department of behavioral sciences as well as the department of education. She published many papers on identity representations of several minority groups in Israel, including change effects on the kibbutz historical representations; trans-generation value transmission within the Zionist religious community in the settlements and within the “Green Lines"; being a Palestinian and an Israeli citizen simultaneously; and adolescent immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia.


Selected publications:

E Orr, A Mana, Y Mana, 2003. Immigrant identity of Israeli adolescents from Ethiopia and the former USSR: culture-specific principles of organization. European Journal of Social Psychology, 33(1), 71-92. 

S Sagy, E Orr, D Bar-On, E Awwad, 2001. Individualism and collectivism in two conflicted societies: Comparing Israeli-Jewish and Palestinian-Arab high school students. Youth & Society, 33, 3-30.

A Mana, E Orr, Y Mana, 2009. An integrated acculturation model of immigrants' social identity. The Journal of social psychology, 149(4), 450-473.

E Orr, S Sagi, D Bar-On, 2000. Social Representations in Use: Israeli and Palestinian High School Students' Collective Coping and Defense. Papers on Social Representations, 9.

B Paryente, E Orr, 2010. Identity representations and intergenerational transmission of values: the case of a religious minority in Israel. Papers on Social representations, 19(2).


Teaching Certificate, Oranim Teachers College, 1952-1953 

B.A, Hebrew University, 1968-1971, Psychology & Education 

M.A, Hebrew University, 1971-1977, Advisor: A. Weiss. "The Bender Gestalt Test as an Indicator of Piagean Cognitive Development of Space Concepts."

Ph.D., Hebrew University, 1978-1983, Advisor: Z. Klein & A. Antonovsky, "Life with Cancer: Patterns of Behavior and Affective Reactions During the First Year After Mastectomy".

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