​​​We are a professional organization that bridges between scientific knowledge produced in academia and professional knowledge that evolves through pedagogical practice. The Center collaborates in research-practice partnerships that connect between pedagogical research and the local experience and understanding of practitioners in the field - to enrich points of view, create knowledge and develop resources for teaching and learning. These partnerships spawn opportunities for researchers, educators, and policy makers to learn, hone their craft, and create meaningful impact in the education field. Together we build the education profession.

Operating Principles


Collaborative Work

​Meaningful partnerships with entities in the education field 

- Respect for local  ​           knowledge
- Reciprocity

- Geared toward                 creating products 

- Anchored in the local       context​

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Tail​​oring to the Partners' Needs

Every partnership is unique, as it is tailored to the needs, resources, and strengths of the partner entities as well as to the goals of the partnership

הפיכת ידע מחקרי למעשי.pngPutting Research Knowledge into Practice

Integration of scientific research knowledge in applied products

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Learning from Practice

Practitioners' inquiry as a means for learning and improving the practice.