Monday, September 5 – Wednesday, September 7, 2022​ 



EVENS AUDITORIUM, Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research, Sede Boqer Campus of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.  Location #19 on the interactive map






Transportation between campuses will be provided. Daily shuttles will leave from Beersheba to Sede Boqer each morning and back at the end of the day. We have timed the bus based on the train schedule from the north.  The first stop will be at 08:00.

The bus will have three stops in Beersheva: the Beersheva North/University train station, near the “D" dormitories on Rager Street, and the central bus station. 

The train service to Beersheva from northern points has greatly improved over the last few years and is highly recommended. HOWEVER, CHECK THE TRAIN SCHEDULE TO MAKE SURE IT IS RUNNING! 

And in case you can't find the bus, or are late by just a few minutes, we'll have someone waiting with the bus. Yaniv Dror, 054-7273246. 

Public Bus to Sede Boqer Campus from the Central Bus station in Beersheva. The name of the village is actually “Midreshet Ben-Gurion".  The name of the bus company is “Metropoline" and they operate two bus-lines, numbers 60 and 64, which come directly to the Campus at Sede Boqer (one should ask for tickets to "Midreshet Ben-Gurion"), and it's about a 45-minute ride. ​ 


Parking at Sede Boqer is available and is unlimited. We can prepare a parking pass for you in advance: send an email to sbsolarsymposium@bgu.ac.il with the following information, in Hebrew: name, make and color of the car, car license plate number, and cell phone number. 

If you wish to park in Beersheva and take the shuttle to Sede Boqer, parking is available in the train station's parking lot (free) or the university's parking lot (for pay).