Aug. 25, 2020
For the second year in a row, BGU has been ranked in the top three Universities in the country!

Below is the list of ISF awardees, their research topic and a link to their research abstract.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences

​Department​Researcher Name​Research Topic

​Department of Chemistry


​David Lukatsky

​Effect of Short Tandem DNA Repeats on Transcription Factor-DNA Binding and Epigenetic Landscape in Embryonic Stem Cells

​Doron Pappo

​Asymmetric Oxidative Coupling Reactions by Chiral Bis-Anionic Iron Complexes

​Eyal Arbely

The regulation of G6PD and 6PGD by lysine acetylation

​Gonen Ashkenasy (with
Nurit Ashkenasy)
​Living Electronic Materials
(BIKURA/F.I.R.S.T Program)

​Joshua Baraban

Screening Bimolecular Reactions of Radicals

​Michael Meijler

Chemical Regulation of Pathogenic Gut Bacteria

​Raz Jelinek

Carbon dots as new antibacterial and antiviral vehicles

​Yossef Weizmann

​Exploring plasmonic photothermal nanoparticles for ultrafast magneto-immunoPCR

​Department of Computer Science

​Itai Dinur

Cryptanalytic Time-Memory Tradeoffs

​Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

​Yuval Tal

A laboratory study of the effects of fault non-planarity on the dynamics of earthquake ruptures

​Department of Life Sciences

​Alal Eran

​Dissecting autism spectrum disorder using massive electronic health records

​Gabriel Abraham Frank

​How a simple molecular machine performs complex tasks: The prokaryotic proteasomal ATPase

​Shai Pilosof

​Ecological multilayer networks: advancing theory andmethodology for understanding the complexity of ecological systems

​Jerry EichlerExploring N-glycosylation in Halobacterium salinarum at the transcript, protein, lipid carrier and cellular levels

​Department of Mathematics

​Daniel Disegni

Special Cycles and Relative Iwasawa Theory

​Menachem Kojman

The set-theory of Strong colorings over partitions

​Michael Levin

​p-adic actions on compact metric spaces

​Shakhar Smorodinsky

Transversals for Geometric and General Hypergraphs

​Department of Physics

​Eran Palti

Constraints on effective field theories arising from quantum gravity

​Muntaser Naamneh

Designing nickelates for high-temperature superconductivity and revealing their electronic structure.

Shaul Mordechai (with​Mahmoud Huleihel)​Rapid Diagnosis of Bacterial and Viral Human Infections Using Infrared Microscopy of Peripheral Blood

Yigal Meir

Thermoelectricity in strongly correlated electron systems


The Faculty of Engineering Sciences

​​Department​​Researcher Name​​Research Topic
​Department of Biomedical Engineering ​Ilana NiskySensorimotor control of translation and orientation of instruments in robot-assisted surgery
​Department of Chemical Engineering​Anne BernheimShape deformations driven by the cell cortex – an in vitro study
​Eran EdriDefect tolerance in quasi one-dimensional tri-chalcogenide van der Waals semiconductors interfaces
​Department of Industrial Engineering and Management​Dan Hermelin and
Dvir Shabtay
Revisiting Classical Pseudopolynomial Scheduling Algorithms
​Omer Lev​Multi-stage Decision-Making Processes
​Department of Materials Engineering​Yaniv GelbsteinThermoelectric optimization of quaternary (Mg2Si,Ge,Sn) alloys
​Nurit Ashkenasy (with
Gonen Ashkenasy)
Living Electronic Materials 
(BIKURA/F.I.R.S.T Program)​ 

​Department of Mechanical Engineering​Yoav GreenElectro-convection and surface conductance as electrical current enhancers and electrical currentrectifiers in nanofluidics
​Department of Software and Information Systems Engineering​Isana Veksler Lublinsky​Evolution of animal microRNAs and their regulatory interactions
​School of Electrical and Computer Engineering​Alina Karabchevsky​Thermo-Optomechanically driven ‘nano-torches’ as a new technique for investigating fundamental biological mechanisms via optical tracking.
​Niv GilboaNew Directions in Secure Computation beyond the Circuit Size Barrier
​Ron DaboraInherent Limitations and Signal Processing for Communications with Asynchronous Sampling
​Yakov (Kobi) CohenActive Federated Learning and Inference in Wireless Communication Networks
​Yitzhak YitzhakyImage clarification for prosthetic vision based on 3D multiple-perspective imaging and machine learning
​Yonatan SivanComprehensive theory of the electronic, optical and thermal response of metal nanostructures


The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

​Department​Researcher Name​​​Research Topic
​​Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences​​Nir FrescoConceptualising ‘Information’ in the Study of Mind and Brain
​​Department of Economics​​Ada Gonzalez-Torres​The Effects of Whistleblowing at the Workplace: A Field Experiment in Bangladesh’s Garments Sector
​​Department of Education​​Assaf MeshulamSchool choice in middle-class minoritized communities: Arab-Palestinian parental choice in Israel
​​Galia Plotkin AmramiThe ADHD "epidemic", medicalization and managing students' diversity: How teachers and parents frame the ADHD diagnosis for students from different social backgrounds
​Gideon DishonSocial Perspective Taking – An Epistemic Network Approach
​Tehila KogutOrgan donation decisions: The role of conscious and unconscious beliefs
​​Department of Foreign Literatures and  Linguistics​​Efraim Sicher​Is There a Poetics of the Holocaust? Reassessing the Poetry of Jewish Victims of Nazi Persecution
​​Idan LandauBroadening the grammatical perspectives on Argument Ellipsis
​​Barbara Hochman​“What Shall We Tell Our Children?”: Reading for children in the New York Public Library of the 1920s”
​Department of Geography and Environmental Development​​Itzhak KatraFormation of large aeolian sand ripples on Mars
​​Naama Teschner​Energy trilemma in future decarbonized-decentralized electricitysystems: a new evaluation framework and criteria
​Nurit AlfasiAnti-Adaptive Neighborhoods: Is there a way back from planning and building comprehensively-planned inward-turned neighborhoods?
​Department of Hebrew Language​Moshe KahanHebrew Linguistics and Biblical Exegesis from a Logician’s Point of Viewand a Critical Edition of Joseph ibn Kaspi's Retukot Kesef

​Christian Stadel and
Elisha Qimron

The Aramaic Dead Sea Scrolls: A Critical Edition and Translation into Hebrew
Department of Hebrew Literature​Eliezer PapoAnnotated Edition of the Ladino Text of Me’am Lo’ez on Prophets and Writings, accompanied by Transcription, Hebrew Translation and Introductory Research
​​Department of Jewish Thought​​Adiel KadariA Critical Edition of Seder Eliyahu Rabba and Seder Eliyahu Zuta
​​Jonatan MeirThe Renaissance of Bratslav Hasidism in Poland (1906-1942)
​Daniel J.  LaskerAn Academic Commentary on Rabbi Judah Halevi's Book of Kuzari (Continuation)
​​Department of Middle-East Studies​​Hagai RamThe Social Life of an Illicit Thing: Changing Perceptions of Hashish Consumption among Jewish Citizens in the State of Israel from 1948 to the Present
​​Yoram MeitalSynagogues and Jewish Heritage in Cairo: Reconfiguring Past and Present
​​Department of Philosophy​​Uri LeibowitzAnti-Theory in the Philosophy of Science and Ethics
​Department of Sociology - Anthropology
Department of Politics and Government
​​Sara Helman and
Daniel Filc
​​"Homo Sabionus": the construction of the neo-liberal common sense in stories of self among high rise residents in new suburban neighborhoods.
​Department of Politics and Government​​Jennifer Oser“Yes I can…?” Political efficacy in the digital era
​​Lynn Schler“Crossing the Rubicon to Independence”:Relations between Nigeria’s Western Region and Israel during Nigeria’s First Republic, 1960-1966
​Department of Psychology​​Andrea BergerDealing with frustration: An electrophysiological and behavioral study of self-regulation in young children and their mothers
​Hagit CohenThe role of microglia in the (mal)adaptive response to traumatic experience: Integrating endo-neuroimmune
​​Ilan DinsteinBehavioral and neural variability in toddlers with autism
​​Nachshon MeiranThe emergence of reportable emotional experience: An integrated computational-behavioral-electrophysiological model
​​Niv  ReggevConceptualising ‘Information’ in the Study of Mind and Brain
​​Department of Social Work​​Ephrat HussCreating an Empirically-Based Theoretical Model of Social Arts: Training, Typology, and Impact
​​Michal Krumer - Nevo​​Poverty-Aware Social Work in Arab-Palestinian Society in Israel: Development of a Context-Sensitive Model
​Department of the Arts​Maayan Amir​Surveilling the Surveillers: Exploring the Production of Visual EvidenceIn the Israeli Military’s Visual War Room

Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel & Zionism

​Department​​Researcher Name​​​Research Topic
​​Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel & Zionism​​Avi Bareli and
Ofer Shiff
​​Mamlakhtiyut and American Jewry, 1948-1982: The Ben-Gurion Model and its Aftermath
​​Tali Tadmor Shimony​​Wearing Two Hats: Immigrant Teachers in Israel as Newcomers and Educators (1949-1966)


The Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research

​DepartmentResearcher Name​Research Topic
​​The Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research (ZIWR)​​Amit GrossChemical conversion of human excreta following hydrothermal carbonization as a process for energy and nutrient recovery
​​Oded NirModeling acid-base dynamics in reverse osmosis and nanofiltration applied to wastewater effluents
​​Zeev Ronen and
Eilon Adar
Examining the drivers determining the spatial distribution of microbial communities in deep groundwater of different ages along the Negev fossil Nubian Sandstone Aquifer.
​French Associates Institute for Agriculture and Biotechnologies of Drylands ​​Ilya GelfandUnderstanding effects of varying nitrogen and carbon availability on soil emissions of nitrogen oxides in drylands
​​Shimon RachmilevitchCarbon and metabolic benefits and costs of self/non-self recognition in plants
​​Vered TzinUnderstanding the dynamics of plant defense strategies
​The Swiss Institute for Dryland Environmental & Energy Research​​Itamar GiladiLevels of intraspecific variation in dispersal traits and their potential consequences​


The Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management

​Department​​Researcher Name​Research Topic
​Department of Management /
Department of Business Administration
​Simone Moran and
Amos Schurr
​​Moral evaluations of decisions and actions in automated settings: effects of overriding pre-set defaults
​​Department of Business Administration​​Daniel Shapira​​The Triggering Effects of Asymmetric Ties in UGC Network Platforms


The Faculty of Health Sciences

​Department​Researcher Name​​Research Topic
​​Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Pharmacology

Elie Beit Yannai and

Sophia Schreiber-Avissar

Oxidative Stress Signaling in the Anterior Segment of the Eye: The Role of Exosomes and the Implication for POAG Treatment
​​Department of Health Systems Management​Jacob Moran-GiladInter-Connected Human and Environmental Resistomes in Bedouin Communities in the Negev
​Department of Physiology and Cell Biology​​Alon Friedman and
Ofer Prager
The Blood-Brain Barrier as a Target for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Neurological Disorders
​Arie Moran and
Amos Katz
The structure-function relationship underlying the many-functions of ZnT-1: a Zn2+ extruder, an L-type
calcium channels inhibitor and an ERK signaling activator
​Michal HershfinkelThe zinc receptor, ZnR/GPR39: a regulator of salivary gland function
​​Department of Public Health /

Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology
​Tamar Wainstock and
Ilana Shoham-Vardi and
Shimrit Yaniv Salem
Recurrent Preterm Birth, Risk Association with Environmental and Genetic Factors
​​The Shraga Segal Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Genetics​Mahmoud Huleihel (with Shaul Mordechai)Rapid Diagnosis of Bacterial and Viral Human Infections Using Infrared Microscopy of Peripheral Blood
Samples and Machine Learning Algorithms
​Tomer CooksElucidating the mechanisms underlying the ability of pathogenic Acidovorax temperans and its derived extracellular vesicles to drive lung cancer progression​

 We wish our researchers rewarding and successful research and
the best of luck in the coming cycle.