The heart of academic endeavor is research, expressed through research projects, publishing articles, and guiding graduate students.

The main goal of the Research and Development Authority, at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, is to increase research production, to encourage and assist research among university researchers, and to handle the administrative side of the research grants.

The RDA is directly subordinate to the Vice President and Dean of Research and Development, which sets and outlines the University's R&D policy.

Authority staff accompanies the researchers throughout the research process. The Authority is divided into two; each division is made up of several sections.

Pre-grant research: This division includes the Research Liaison Section, the Scientific Publication Section and the Advisor to the Vice President for Special Projects. These sections are responsible for locating calls for proposals, distribution and marketing, assistance in formulating selected projects, scientific editing, researcher guidance in writing a research proposal and negotiating the terms of the research contract.

Post-grant research: This division includes the Research Budget Management: Israeli Section, Budget & Management: International Section, and the Comptroller's Office. Responsibilities include training researchers on how to build a budget, guidance on proper management of the budget in accordance with the fund's procedures, regular monitoring of expenses, preparation of financial statements, and collection.

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The sources of funding for research are varied and come from government, public, and industrial bodies in Israel and around the world, and as direct donations and sources that the University makes available to its researchers, including grants to encourage interdisciplinary and inter-faculty collaborations.

We, at the Research and Development Authority, do everything possible to encourage, assist and promote the success of our researchers and research teams who spend countless hours developing and researching, thereby furthering the University's reputation.

We are proud to be part of the institution's success and will continue to work with dedication and determination to advance both scientific research and the University's goals.