Like all universities, the two main objectives of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev are research and teaching.
Within this mandate, the University strives to solicit resources to support its research activities-
from foundations, funding agencies, and grant organizations both in Israel and abroad.
The University solicits and administers these funds through its Research & Development Authority,
which is an integral part of the University management and engages in the following activities:


  1. Searching for sources of research funds

  2. Linking research projects with funding sources

  3. Assisting and supporting researchers in project development

  4. Liaison with prospective funding organizations prior to and throughout the proposal submission and evaluation process

  5. Grant and contract negotiations with funding agencies

  6. Post-award administration of grants and contracts received by University research projects

  7. Preparation and submission of financial reports and invoices; monitoring the submission of scientific and technical reports by researchers

  8. Monitoring compliance with funding agency and government standards


Our Location:

Students' Building (No. 70)