Mar. 23, 2017
The Unit accompanies the various stages of the research, from the initial planning to the data analyses and final conclusions. In addition, the Unit gives advice regarding submission of research proposals.

The Statistics Consulting Unit assists in preparing and organizing questionnaires; examining their validity and reliability, defining the population/sample, calculating the sample size, choosing a Sampling Method, determining the appropriate statistical tests to be carried out and providing assistance and guidance in data analyses and summing-up of the results in writing.

For Life Sciences: defining the treatment, calculating the numbers of replicates etc.
The Unit operates on Sundays and Mondays. To schedule an appointment, please send an email to Dr. Elite Levin (see below).

The fee for consultation is 250 NIS per hour.
The first hour of consultation for researchers or students in cases in which the academic adviser attends the meeting, is free and holds no obligation on the part of the researcher or the student.