Determining an Advisor/ Adding an Advisor Request – MSc

The student must complete this form until the end of the first semester of the MSc studies.

  • Quoting and Use of Sources.pdfQuoting and Use of Sources.pdf
  • Submitting a research outline
    M.Sc. students are required to submit a research outline to the Office of Graduate Studies by the end of their second semester of study. The research outline should not exceed four pages and must include the following details:
    1. Personal Information, i.e. Full Name, passport number
    2. Name of the advisor
    3. Research topic
    4. Scientific background
    5. Research goals
    6. Research methods
    7. Bibliography
    8. Signatures from the student, advisors, and chair of the department graduate study program.
  • Submitting a thesis
    Upon completion of all course requirements the student must submit a written thesis. The final version of the thesis must be signed by the advisors and the Chair of the Graduate Student Committee of the relevant department and then submitted to the office of Graduate Studies. The numbers of copies that need to be submitted are equal to the number of advisors + 2. Thesis copies submitted for evaluation should NOT be bound, but rather individually submitted in a clear plastic sleeve..  

    Thesis submission guidlines
  • Thesis Review and Final Exam
    Following thesis submission to the Office of Graduate Studies, the academic transcript of the student will be reviewed. Thesis reviewers will be appointed. Requests for corrections made by the reviewers will be transferred by the Office of Graduate Studies to the student and his advisors. After completion of the thesis review, a date for the final exam will be set.