The Faculty of Natural Sciences was established in 1970 and includes the six traditional departments found in Natural and Exact Sciences Faculties in Universities worldwide: Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, and Earth & Environmental Sciences. All six departments offer B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. study programs and provide the basic foundation for the advancement of basic science for the benefit of mankind and to satisfy human curiosity. 

  • The Faculty employs over 170 senior academic faculty members, more than 100 technical and administrative staff and educates more than 2,500 undergraduate and 750 graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. The Faculty sees in the proliferation of diversity within all of its staff as a principal driver to achieve academic excellence. In addition to its core activities, including interdepartmental and inter-faculty studies for both Undergraduate and Graduate degrees, the Faculty also provides training in all applied sciences, and offers courses in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for over 12,000 students majoring in engineering, medical and social sciences.

  • The Faculty sees itself as fulfilling a dual purpose: First and foremost the pursuit of scholarly research at the highest levels in the disciplines of mathematics and natural sciences to advance the frontier of knowledge. Moreover, our Faculty is committed to basic scientific and advanced educational and research training of Israel's future scientists, our student body, creating a human infrastructure of the highest standard for the industrial and scientific requirements of the Negev and State of Israel.

    As a fundamental science-oriented Faculty, we aim to develop independent, critical awareness and systematic research abilities in our students so as to expand the new generation of researchers.  The undergraduate study programs include also several interdisciplinary programs aimed to provide excelling students with a rich platform for scientific, technological and social changes.

    The Faculty of Natural Sciences continuously strives for excellence in research. The theoretical and experimental, basic and applied research programs undertaken in the Faculty have direct relevance to development of the Negev, Israel's southern desert and to Israel's scientific development in general. The spectrum of scientific endeavor at the Faculty of Natural Sciences ranges from computer science to biotechnology; from polymers to lasers, whatever sparks the imagination. High-tech industrial applications in electronics, computers and electro-optics, and transformation of the natural resources of the Negev into the modern industrial powerhouse of the state are actively pursued. Moreover, the Faculty of Natural Sciences provides knowledge and expert services and serves as an incubator for high technology developments and the successful absorption of new immigrant scientists. It also trains science teachers for secondary schools and qualified personnel for local industry, government and health service laboratories.

    The Faculty of Natural Sciences activities include:

  • V.jpgEmphasis on graduate and postgraduate research
    V.jpgPost-doctoral training
    V.jpg​Top-level scientific publications
    V.jpgHigh success rate in competitive research grants (as defined by the PBC)
    V.jpgERC (starting, consolidator, synergy), DIP, BSF-NSF, Alon Fellowships, Maof Fellowships, etc.
    V.jpgOrganization of prestigious international scientific meetings
    V.jpg​Faculty serving on national and international committees and scientific bodies