​Chemistry, being the “central science”, brings us the possibility to study our world from every perspective. Research in the Department of Chemistry at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev encompasses a large spectrum of chemical disciplines, from the traditional areas of Organic, Inorganic, Bio and Physical Chemistry to the cutting-edge fields of Nanoscience, Material, Systems and Computational/Theoretical Chemistry. This multidisciplinary approach lets us tackle a wide range of central projects and 21st century challenges. This includes pharmaceutical applications, clean energy and green chemistry technologies, virtual design and understanding of chemical structures, catalytic systems, or biophysics of macro and micro systems, to name a few.

The output and impact of the research in our department is rising steadily, a fact proved by the broad array of papers published in high-impact scientific journals.  Department faculty members have also received a variety of prestigious awards and successfully obtained funding from many of the major Israeli and international funding agencies.

The department provides ample possibilities of research for graduate students (M.Sc. and Ph.D.), but even advanced undergraduates can enjoy the possibility to do real chemical research through projects carried out in our laboratories. Our strong commitment to excellence in research provides exceptional resources for future career developments in chemical industries as well as in high-tech and start-up ventures, especially in Beer-Sheva and its rapidly growing chemical companies.

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