• Stage 1 - Applying for M.Sc. Degree

In order to apply, the following documents are required (all of the documents must to be in English. If it is not possible, a notarized translation is required):

  1. Application Form http://in.bgu.ac.il/en/Pages/registration.aspx 
  2. C.V
  3. Authorization of completion of B.Sc. studies
  4. Academic transcripts (B.Sc.)
  5. TOFEL or IELTS test score (and GRE score for Mathematics and Physics).
  6. 6. Letters of recommendation: At least two letters of recommendation are required. Please print your name and the department to which you are applying clearly at the top of the recommendation form. You are responsible for forwarding these forms to your recommenders. All letters of recommendation should be submitted directly to the registration office (as mentioned below). Your recommenders are asked to give their full name, place of work, contact address, personal impressions of your intellectual abilities, your aptitude in research or professional skills, your character, the quality of your previous work and your potential for future productive scholarship.

    Please send all of the documents to Ms. Sima Nahum, applicant coordinator in Registration Office, via e-mail: nahums@bgu.ac.il

  • Stage 2 - Determining an Advisor

Once you have received our response concerning your eligibility, you must select an advisor.
Your potential advisor must be an academic member of the department where you will study.

You can find lists of potential advisors at the following departments:

* Mathematics
* Life sciences
* Physics
* Chemistry
* Geological and Environmental Sciences


  • Stage 3 - Final Registration

Please send the following original documents (hard copy) via mail to the address below

• Authorization of completion of B.Sc. studies 

• Academic transcripts

In addition to that, send a copy of your passport.

Ms. Sima Nahum
Applicant Coordinator
Registration Office
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Beer-Sheva, 84105 Israel

• For more information about the Departments in the Natural Sciences Faculty please enter - http://in.bgu.ac.il/en/natural_science/Pages/Graduate-Studies/Departments-of-the-Faculty.aspx
• For further information about the registration procedure (if needed), please contact Sima Nahum: nahums@bgu.ac.il.