​​​​​​IS-PEC Members and Fellows are involved in various IS and KTE research projects

An Online Platform for Expanding Antibiotic Stewardship (OPEN Stewardship)

Antibiotic stewardship has been increasingly applied in hospital settings, but adoption has been slow in many ambulatory care settings including primary care of humans. We aim to develop an open web-based system that allows for advanced stewardship interventions in the form of feedback and benchmarking as well as sharing of best practice guidelines and antibiotic resistance patterns. The proposed model can be rapidly expanded across health systems, countries, and sectors (animal vs. human), with minimal resource expenditures.​​​​​

Research funded by:

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For more info, reach out to Moriah at ellenmo@bgu.ac.il

To treat or not to treat? Oncologists' perceptions and experiences regarding overtreatment in end stage cancer patients

Through this study, we aim to understand the perceptions and experiences of oncologists regarding why overuse of services is occurring for cancer patients at the end-of-life, and elucidate physician level factors which impede the implementation of best practices at the end-of-life in cancer.

​Research funded by:
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For more info, reach out to Moriah at ellenmo@bgu.ac.il

TRANS-SENIOR: Transitional Care Innovation in Senior Citizens​

This project aims to identify best practices in senior citizen and informal caregiver involvement and to evaluate alternative involvement approaches.

​Research funded by:

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For more info, reach out to Moriah at ellenmo@bgu.ac.il

​Nurse Practitioners in the Israeli Healthcare System

This project explores barriers and facilitators to integrating the new nurse practitioner role into the Israeli healthcare system. We aim to leverage this research to explore potential solutions that can help better position nurse practitioners to enhance healthcare access and quality.

For more info, reach out to Josh at poratdah@post.bgu.ac.il

Medical Expenditure and Shared Decision Making

In this project, we are pursuing a systematic review focused on medical expenditure and shared decision making (SDM). 

For more info, reach out to Joseph Bruch at jbruch@g.harvard.edu​

Involvement of Nurses in COVID-19 Policy

This project aims to understand the involvement of nurses in COVID-related policy planning and decision-making processes.​

For more info, reach out to Saritte at sarittem@post.bgu.ac.il

Low-Value Care and De-Implementation: Physicians' Attitudes

In this study, we investigate physicians' attitudes regarding Choosing Wisely recommendations and barriers related to overdiagnosis and low-value care.

​For more info, reach out to Eliana at benshele@bgu.ac.il​