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We aim to establish Ben-Gurion University as the national and global leader in advancing implementation science and policy engagement, and position the IS centre as an international centre of excellence for interdisciplinary research.

Our Goals:​

  1. ​Generating multidisciplinary research in the fields of implementation science, knowledge transfer and exchange and policy engagement.

  2. Engaging and consulting to decision makers, both nationally and internationally, in using KTE and IS to address complex system challenges.

  3. Creating a community and a culture around the use of IS and policy engagement in Israel.

  4. Building connections and collaborations with other world class IS and policy engagement centers.

  5. Providing training, research, dissemination and education opportunities centered upon IS and KTE

At IS-PEC, we collaborate wit​h researchers throughout a diverse number of fields, building bridges between policymakers, decision makers, researchers, and graduate students interested in bringing research to practice.