​​​Get to know our masters, PhD and post-doc fellows​ who work in collaboration with IS-PEC​

Joe Bruch pic.jpgJoseph Dov Bruch, PhD

Joseph Dov Bruch is a Postdoctoral student at the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business & Management where he works on implementation science research in health care focused on shared decision making. He is also a Visiting Research Scholar at the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School and directs the Health Care Finance Team at the Harvard GenderSci lab. Joseph graduated from Harvard University with a Ph.D. in Population Health Sciences and a Master’s Degree in Biostatistics. As a social epidemiologist, Joseph attends to the ways social structures and policies impact health and health equity. Broadly, the bulk of his research is focused on financial systems, policies, and institutions and their influence on population health. Much of his work draws on mergers and acquisitions research in health care, which he uses as a case study to explore the impacts of health care privatization and corporatization. ​

Contact: jbruch@g.harvard.edu​

josh pic 2.jpgJoshua Porat-Dahlerbruch, PhD, RN

Dr. Joshua Porat-Dahlerbruch is a Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow at Ben-Gurion University's Department of Health Systems Management. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing's Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research. Dr. Porat-Dahlerbruch's research interests are in health systems, the healthcare workforce, health policy, and implementation science. His current project explores barriers and facilitators to integrating the new nurse practitioner role into the Israeli healthcare system. Dr. Porat-Dahlerbruch aims to leverage this research to explore potential solutions that can help better position nurse practitioners to enhance healthcare access and quality.

ד"ר יהושע פורת דלרברוך

ד"ר יהושע פורת דלרברוך הוא עמית פולברייט לבתר דוקטורט במחלקה לניהול מערכות בריאות באוניברסיטת בן גוריון. הוא השיג את הדוקטורט באוניברסיטת פנסילבניה בארצות הברית במרכז לתוצאות מטופלים ומחקר מדיני בבית הספר לסיעוד. ד"ר פורת דלרברוך מתמקד במערכות בריאות, כוח האדם הסיעודי, מדיניות בריאות, ומדע יישומי. מחקרו מתעסק בהבנת החסמים והגורמים המסייעים להשתלבותן של אחיות מומחיות במערכת הבריאות הישראלית. ד"ר יהושע פורת דלרברוך מתכנן להשתמש בתוצאות המחקר על מנת להגדיר פתרונות אפשריים שיוכלו לסייע לאחיות מומחיות לשפר את נגישות ואיכות שירותי בריאות.

Contact: poratdah@post.bgu.ac.il

alon pic 2.jpgAlon Rasooly, MD-PhD Candidate

Alon Rasooly is an MD-PhD candidate at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (expected graduation 2022-3). He received his Master in Health Administration (MHA) degree with honors at Ben-Gurion University, and his Master in Public Health (MPH) degree at Nanjing South-East University, China. The topic of his PhD is “Quality Measurement in Shanghai's Primary Healthcare – the Question of Knowledge Transfer & Exchange". Within the scope of this project, he collaborates with policy makers and researchers from Shanghai Health Development Research Center to study how quality measurements are currently implemented within their primary healthcare context and how international knowledge exchange can improve patient-centered care, focusing on diabetes as a case study. Also, he analyzes the current exchange of quality measures in diabetes care between countries with the goal of developing a roadmap for evidence-informed standards in low- and middle- income countries. His academic advisors are: Prof. Nadav Davidovitch (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev), Prof. Orly Manor (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and Prof. Shanlian Hu (Fudan University, China).

Alon is involved in collaborations with the World Health Organization (WHO) Evidence Informed Policy Network (EVIPnet). This includes mapping of tools as part of WHO's Evidence Informed Decision Making project, and organizing an international workshop on Evidence Informed Policy. In addition to research, Alon also served as a teaching assistant for several graduate degree courses in Ben-Gurion School of Public Health, including: “Leadership in Healthcare" with Prof. Moriah Ellen, “Research Seminar" with Dr. Dina Van-Dijk, "Selected Topics in Health Systems Policy and Management" with Prof. Dan Greenberg and "Health inequities - global and local perspectives" with Prof. Nadav Davidovitch.​

​Contact: rasooly@post.bgu.ac.il 

saritte pic.jpgSaritte Perlman, MSc Candidate

Ms. Saritte Perlman obtained her undergraduate degree in Biological Science and Theatre Studies from the University of Guelph in Canada, and subsequently completed her Masters of Public Health at Tel Aviv University. Her research interests include epidemiology of communicable diseases, healthcare quality, public engagement, health policy, and health policy issues where the individual and systems approach cross paths. She is currently conducting research under Prof. Moriah Ellen and is working towards a thesis on the involvement of nurses in COVID-related policy planning and decision-making processes.

Contact: sarittem@post.bgu.ac.il 

ofek pic2.pngOfek Eliad, MHA Candidate

Mr. Ofek Eliad obtained his undergraduate degree in behavioural sciences (Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology) from Ben Gurion University, where he continues to study for his Master of Health Administration degree (MHA). His research interests include health policy, health economics, mental health, and in particular the sociological aspects which interrelate with mental health. He is currently working on two scoping reviews: One under Prof. Nadav Davidovich and Prof. Moriah Ellen about the interrelationship between Knowledge Translation and Implementation Science, and another under Prof. Golan Shahar, about the comorbidity of depression and aggression.

Contact: ofekel@post.bgu.ac.il  

Opeyemi Kolade.jpgOpeyemi R. Kolade, MPH, PhD Candidate

Opeyemi holds a bachelor's degree in Microbiology from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, and a Master's in Public H​ealth from the University of Ghana. She is currently a doctoral student at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and KU Leuven. Her PhD under Prof. Moriah Ellen is focused on best practices for involving senior citizens and their informal caregivers in health policy decision making. Her research interests are in health systems and health policy. As a research assistant in University of Ghana, in collaboration with Yale University, she previously worked on the Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly (BBF) program, an evidence-informed global initiative that is designed to help countries identify the strength of their breastfeeding friendly environment and develop recommendations as well as plans for scaling up their breastfeeding policies and programs. 

Contact: lasisiop@post.bgu.ac.il

Eliana pic.jpgEliana Ben-Sheleg, MPH Candidate

Eliana Ben-Sheleg holds a Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology and Criminology) from Bar Ilan University. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Public Health at Ben-Gurion University. Her master's with Prof. Moriah Ellen and Prof. Natasha Belinko is focused on Israeli physicians' perceptions on Choosing Wisely recommendation​s and de-implementation of low value care.

Contact: benshele@bgu.ac.il