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20-21.3.24 The 2024 conference hosted by The Crown Family Israel Center for Innovation (ICI) 2/11/2024 12:48 PMYes
BGU Research News: Team effort in sports affects individual performance (Management Science)9/7/2023 9:38 AMYes
23.3.2023 The 1st algotrading@BGU Meeting is approaching. Register now!1/4/2023 10:51 AMYes
Attachment27.2.2023 The Annual Conference of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at BGU11/19/2022 3:46 PMNo
29.12.2022 The 11th Annual Conference of the IEHA11/19/2022 3:44 PMNo
Congratulations to Liron Amor for receiving an MA Scolarship from the Algotrading@BGU Initiative11/19/2022 3:38 PMNo