Nissim Aloni playwright and author, was born in Tel Aviv, in 1926 to a poor family in the Wolfson borough.

The dynamic character of the place afforded a rich source for his writings.

After graduating from high school he joined the Jewish Guard of the Mandatory Palestine Settlement Police and began writing for the weekly “The Mahaneh".

During the independence War he served in the Israel Army as a combat soldier.

After the war, he studied history and French culture at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

He published scores of short stories in weeklies and literary magazines. Four of his stories were published in the collection “Hayanshuf" (The Owl), (describing the experiences of boys in suburbs in the south of Tel-Aviv).

His main work in the field of play writing, in 1954 was “Achzar Mikol Melech" which received a resounding reaction among theater goers. In 1963 he established the “Seasons Theater" together with Yossi Banai and Avner Hizkiyahu. The theater's aim was to present modern and original plays. It functional for four years, offering performances of his own (“American Princess") under his direction, as well as plays by Chekhov, Googol and others.

He wrote about ten plays, and translated about 30 plays.

In addition he wrote several programs for entertainment plays, words for various songs, and script..

In his later years he was severely handicapped, by cerebral damage.

Nissim Aloni died in 1998 in Tel-Aviv.