Aharon Appelfeld (Chernowitz, Romania 1932 -  Israel, 2018)

Aharon Appelfeld's life experiences as a young Holocaust survivor and the trials of his absorption in Israel reverberate in his books. So far, Appelfeld has written more than 30 books that have been translated into many languages and won many important awards, including the Israel Prize and the Nelly Sachs Prize (Germany). He is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Hebrew Literature at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. The archives contain, amongst other items, Appelfeld's original manuscripts.

Archive History

In June 2003 the author Aharon Appelfeld offer his works and writings
to the Library of the Ben Gurion University, of the Negev,
to be preserved in Archive established for that purpose.

Cardboard boxes with a lot of materials arrived from the author's home,
including his original manuscripts which were created in coffee houses in Jerusalem,
written on napkins and pieces of paper.

After 3 years of strenuous work, the whole collection is classified and organized.

In 2007 the collection was transferred to the new home of the Literary Archives in the Diller Building, under the auspices
of the “Hekshrim Institute of the study of the Hebrew and Jewish Israeli research Literature and culture".

The main aim of the Archive is to collect and preserve anything published
in print writing, video, audio and internet by the author and about him,
to scan it and convert it to digital media.

The extent of the collection

The archive includes about one hundred of the author's books and translations into twenty languages published in Israel and worldwide
and about one hundred and fifty short stories printed in Israeli newspapers and journals since the 1960's.

In addition the collection contains articles and reviews on his work
as well as audio interviews and videocassettes, posters and photographs, correspondence and biographical material.

The highlights of the collection are the original manuscripts.


  • Books by Aharon Appelfeld, originals and translations

  • Books and academic theses about Appelfed's work

  • Short stories, originals and translations 

Articles from Newspapers and Periodicals   

  • Research and criticism

  • Bibliographies

  • General background

  • Translations and translators

  • Posters

  • Media announcements

Audio-Visual material