David Schütz (Berlin 1941)

David Schütz arrived in Israel as a child, together with his brother, as a refugee from Germany. His early experiences play a central role in his writing. The complex relationships between men and women, and between parents and

children feature as a major theme in his stories, which are written in an expressionist style. His archive includes original manuscripts, newspaper clippings, movies that he made or participated in and an assortment of audio tapes and personal correspondence.

Archive History

David Schütz and the Director of the Heksherim Institute Prof. Yigal Schwartz were in close contact for many years.

As a result of the author's illness, Prof. Schwartz approached his wife and children on the possibility of donating his archive to the Institute, to which they gave a positive response. The author's daughters took it upon themselves to sort, arrange, and scan the material before it was sent to Heksherim. This is an example of an archive of an author whose work was stopped in the middle of his life.

Scope of the Collection

The archive includes his books, manuscripts, films which he produced and directed, research and critiques on his work, and a collection of articles which were published in the media.