Our Goals

«   To promote quality of life for older people in Israel and worldwide

«   To raise awareness of issues of aging in Israel and abroad

« To promote medical, psychological, biological and sociological knowledge about older people and the aging process, and to disseminate it.

«  To enhance multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research in ageing

«  To initiate and support interventions directed to improving treatment and services for older populations in the Negev, the state of Israel, and worldwide.

« To utilize our knowledge and experience to influence policymakers, service providers, and caregivers on behalf of older people


Strategies for Achieving Our Goals


«  Establish multidisciplinary research teams for enhancing research in specific issues of interest. These teams develop research proposals and organize seminars and symposia on their specific subjects.

«   Cultivate research collaborations between departments and scholars involved in research in aging at BGU and Soroka Medical Center.

«  Engage in national and international relations with similar centers towards scientific collaboration and exchange of scholars and students.

«  Publish research by CMRA scholars in scientific literature and through participation in conferences.

«  Conduct national and international symposia and conferences  directed to researchers, policymakers, field workers and the public, inviting leaders in related fields to participate.  


«  Collaborate with university departments in designing innovative courses and research seminars on issues of aging, such as the MA program in Gerontology at Ben-Gurion University.

Community outreach

«  Initiate and conduct community intervention projects in order to address unmet needs of older persons in the region and the country. 

«  Establish  ongoing working relations with services in the region in order to become a center that enriches and contributes to the community  by collaborating in organizing symposia, lectures and workshops to formal caregivers working in these services and addressing their needs for educational programs, evaluation of services and applied research.