​​​​Current research projects run through the center


  1. Patterns of coping with losses and successful aging: A longitudinal study of a national sample of elderly Israelis (Supported by United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation – BSF, the Ministry for Senior Citizens, and the Sonia and Abraham Rochlin Foundation).

  2. Autobiographical memory and well-being in later life (Financed by International Opportunities Fund: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada – SSHRC).

  3. The effects of a guided life review on psychological wellbeing of terminally-ill young and old cancer patients (Supported by The Israeli Ministry of Health and Aid to the Oncological Patient Foundation).

  4. Determinants of the will-to-live of Israeli older adults (Supported by The MINERVA Foundation).

  5. Open communication about illness and death between caregiving spouses of terminal cancer patients.

  6. Israeli centenarians: Health status, psychosocial characteristics, and special needs (Supported by the Sonia and Abraham Rochlin Foundation and the Israel Ministry for Senior Citizens).

  7. Effects of early and late retirement on cognitive functions (Supported by the Berlin Demography Forum).

  8. Health risks of primary caregivers to severely ill patients: Awareness and preventive treatment among primary care physicians and primary caregivers themselves (Financed by The Israel National Institute for Health Policy and Health Services Research).

  9. Application of the will-to-live scale to daily practice with older adults. (Financed by Sol Leshin Program for Collaboration between UCLA and BGU).

  10. End-of-life care: Attitudes, preferences, and behaviors of formal and informal caregivers of severely-ill and dying patients.

  11. Attitudes of the Israeli older population regarding physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia (Supported by the Israel-America Foundation).

  12. Effects of an intervention in spirituality on rehabilitation of older adults.

  13. Subjective well-being of terminally-ill persons and their primary family caregivers.

  14. Gut microbiota correction as a potential treatment for Parkinson's disease (Supported by the Israel-America Foundation).
  15. Use of feeding tubes in patients with end-stage dementia: The Israel perspective in the wake of a reform in health policy (Supported by the Israel-America Foundation).​​​