Following you will find some of the interesting Remote Sensing lectures given at the Israeli Geographical Association (IGA) Conference that took place in the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev: ​

Name of the lecture​PresentorPDF file​
​BGUSAT as a remote sensing research platform​Dan BlumbergBGUSAT as a remote sensing research platform.pdf
​Classifying Woody Mediterranean Species using Spectral and Phenological Observations​Gilad WeilClassifying Woody Mediterranean Species.pdf
​Statistics and Information Theory in Remote Sensing with SARAlejandro C. FreryStatistics and Information Theory in Remote Sensing with SAR.pdf
​Estimating Cotton Water Consumption Using a Time Series of Sentinel-2 Imagery​Offer RosensteinEstimating Cotton Water Consumption.pdf
​Estimation and Detection Limit of Organic Matter with Different Composition in Sand Dunes Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Point Spectroscopy​Nicolas FrancosEstimation and Detection Limit of Organic Matter.pdf
​GENESIS – Generator of Spectral Image Simulations​Tal FeingershGENESIS.pdf
​IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society​Paolo GambaIEEE GRSS.pdf
​Urban remote sensing: from local to global and backPaolo GambaUrban remote sensing.pdf
Multi-Source Spectral Approach for Early Water-stress Detection in Actual Field Irrigated Crops​Maria PolinovaMulti-Source Spectral Approach.pdf
​Spectroscopy of Wildfire Burned Products​​​Dar RpbertsSpectroscopy of Wildfire Burned Products.pdf
Phenomenological Algorithms in Remote Sensing: The Search for Desert Boundary​​​Maxim Shoshany Phenomenological Algorithms in Remote Sensing.pptx