• 200 kV transmission electron microscope JEM 2010 equipped with Noran EDS microanalysis system, Gatan slow scan camera (model 794) and with Gatan Dualvision 300W side mounted camera. This state-of-the-art analytical instrument combines capabilities of high resolution imaging with the precise EDS elemental analysis from very small areas down to 0.5nm in diameter
  • 200 kV transmission electron microscope JEM 200B equipped with a high temperature specimen stage and with a tensile-straining stage. The instrument is mainly used for teaching purposes
  • Scanning electron microscope Jeol-5600 with Noran EDS analyzer
  • Powerful softwares for computer image simulation and for image processing
  • Sample preparation equipment : a) spark cutting machine for slicing specimens
  • ion - miller tool for thinning TEM specimens
  • electropolishing apparatus “Tenupol”
  • surface grinder
  • dimple grinder (home built)