Structural materials course

Over the past few years the need for materials engineers for diverse industries in Israel and around the world is increasing. Materials engineers are needed in both defense and civilian industries, with specialization in the production and characterization of smart and advanced structural materials, in the mechanical properties of various materials such as composite materials, ceramic materials, and metallurgical processes. To meet this growing demand, a unique and unprecedented track was established in the department, which prepares the graduates for this industry by imparting the necessary knowledge.

The first two years of the degree in this track focus on basic courses in engineering science. From the third year,  the specialization in the track begins through a number of core and elective courses that enrich the students with tools and knowledge relevant to the field. In addition, the curriculum includes unique laboratories for the track, which do not exist in parallel departments in Israel, with advanced and modern equipment and instruments that enable students to acquire unique knowledge.

In the structural materials major, students focus on learning the properties, production, and characterization of smart and advanced structural materials for leading civil and defense industries. Graduates of the program are employed in companies such as Kirya for Nuclear Research, Teva, Rafael, the Shurk Nuclear Research Center, the IDF Laboratories, the Air Industry, the Dead Sea Factories, Bromine Compounds, and many other places.​

​The course of study appears on the grade sheet and the study printout but not on the graduate certificate

For the yearbook of the department in the structural materials track (page 4)​