talia_isreal_badash.pngMy name is Talia Israel Badash, I graduated with a bachelor's degree from the Department of materials engineering in the structural materials specialization. I graduated in 2015, and since then I have been working in the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) as a quality control engineer. As part of my role, I am responsible for special processes in the production line in the areas of thermal treatments, welding, non-destructive testing, and surface treatments. The role of the quality engineer in an aviation plant includes compliance with international standards, maintaining a high production standard while finding effective solutions and continuous improvement. My education in materials engineering provided me with an understanding of processes that are the basis of aerospace manufacturing and gave me a significant advantage in the field over my colleagues. Today, I am completing a master's degree in the field of quality and technology management that complements the technical knowledge I acquired in my undergraduate. I remember well the years of study in the Department of materials engineering in Ben-Gurion University, where I gained extensive knowledge, and good friends who accompany me today as colleagues in the industry. During my undergraduate studies,   I also met my future husband:)

|| Talia Israel Badash, quality engineer in aerospace industry
​​​​marina_lumberg.pngMy name is Marina Lomberg. I completed my Bachelor and master's degrees in the Department of Materials Engineering in 2008. In my undergraduate studies, I specialized in electronic materials, and in my master's, I did research on the phenomena that occur at the interface between ceramic and metallic materials (the research was supervised by Prof. Nahum Frage and Dr. Natalia Fromin and included collaboration with KMG ).  My first job after graduation was as a research and development engineer in a small company, followed by a position as a process engineer at Intel. After a few years of working in the industry, I decided to pursue a doctoral degree abroad. I received a grant for research in the field of renewable energies at the University of Imperial College London, and since then, I have been living in England. Today I run an institute at the Sustainable Gas Institute.  Now, ten years after graduating from the Department (how time flies!), I am still in warm personal contact with the lovely people in the Department, as well as with friends from my studies.

|| Marina Lomberg, director of the Sustainable Gas Institute, England​​​​​

asaf_levi.png​​​I started my bachelor's studies in the materials engineering department in 2011, specializing in structural materials. In the engineering project, I worked in a joint study between the Ministry of Defense and leading researchers from the USA in researching innovative processes of 3D printing of metals. As a direct continuation of the research, and with the encouragement of the supervisors, Prof. Nachum Frage and Dr. Aslan Miraev, I went on to a master's degree, during which I participated in a student exchange program in the USA.

The research in the university, in general, and in particular in the research group, was always conducted in a good atmosphere and very professionally, working with people from whom I learned a lot, and I am still in contact with them even today.

I finished my studies in 2017, and since then I have been working in a research and development position at the Orbotech company researching materials and processes of 3D printing for practical applications.

|| Assaf Levy, research and development engineer at Orbotech​​​

tzuf_sivan.pngWhen I decided to study materials engineering in 2011, I did not know about the world of materials, but already in the first semester of the degree, I felt that I was at the right place. The sense of family in the Department, together with professional teaching staff with a passion for teaching and commitment to students, made the degree an amazing experience. Already in the third year, I started working as a student at Intel, and upon graduation in 2015, I got a full-time position. I went on to get a master's degree in the Department while keeping my engineer job at Intel. Both degrees provided me with a very diverse toolbox that I use at work and in life.

|| Tsuf Sivan, process engineer at Intel, Kiryat Gat​