The Ph.D. program of the Department of Materials Engineering is rather flexible and can accommodate the student's particular needs and interests. General requirements for Ph.D. applicants are those of the Kreitman School of Advanced Studies of Ben- Gurion University. A Master's degree with the average grade for courses and thesis of at least 80 is a prerequisite. The additional requirement of the Department is that candidates pass an Admission Exam in fundamentals of Materials Science. Based upon the results of this exam, it may be required that the candidate participate in additional core courses providing with knowledge in particular areas of materials engineering, beyond those normally credited towards a Ph.D. degree. Normally, 9 units of credit are required for all Ph.D. students. All full-time doctoral students also participate in the Departmental Seminar. To become a formal candidate for the Ph.D. degree, a student must pass the Candidate Exam, which confirms his ability to conduct original research.
Upon satisfactory completion of the Candidate Examination, a major portion of student’s time is devoted to thesis research. The results of the research must be of sufficient significance to warrant the publication in the scientific literature. A written thesis (dissertation) signed by supervisor, must be submitted to the thesis committee of the Kreitman School of Advanced Studies at the end of the doctoral work. This thesis must be then reviewed and approved by 4-5 external referees.