​The department of Industrial Engineering and Management at Ben-Gurion University was established in 1969. It is one of the main pillars of the faculty of Engineering, and of the University at large. The department strives for academic excellence, in research and in teaching. The department of Industrial Engineering and Management at Ben-Gurion University is leading in this domain in Israel, due to the scientific excellence of its faculty members, and due to the challenging and up-to-date curriculum that fosters substantive learning. The balanced combination of skills in our program, allows our graduates to deal with diversified challenges in numerous application areas. The excellent qualifications of our graduates make them highly attractive in the industry.


As engineers we focus on solving practical problems, of primal importance to the local and global communities, using cutting-edge scientific methods, and mainly quantitative-mathematical methods. In comparison to other engineering domains, the emphasis in Industrial Engineering and Management is on the perspective of the system or the organization, thus paying attention mainly to the big picture, while considering the most critical and influential details.

Industrial Engineering and Management is defined as an engineering discipline dealing with design, establishment, improvement, planning, operation and control of systems and processes in organizations, using scientific methods. The uniqueness of industrial engineering and management is in the focus on system integration, rather than specific components, while considering the interaction between humans and technology, and valuing continuous process of improvement in productivity, quality, safety and sustainability.

Our graduates obtain key jobs in high-tech, finance, industry, security, infrastructure development, communication and more. Many serve as managers, including the highest level. A day in the life of our graduate includes many exciting meaningful challenges. Excelling students continue to our graduate programs (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) in diversified domains: operations research and algorithms, applied statistics, intelligent systems, human factors (ergonomics), information systems, data sciences, business analytics, industrial management, and more. More details are available from the engineering yearbook.

The department includes a wide variety of faculty members, conducting cutting edge research at the forefront of the scientific knowledge in the core topics of industrial engineering and management: production processes, organization and methods, information systems, project management, economics and management, human-machine interactions, operations research, supply chains, statistics, business intelligence, data sciences, safety and organizational culture, quality control, robotics and intelligent systems and more. We welcome new faculty candidates, according to the tenure-track application guidelines. ​

The department values strengthening the industrial engineering and management professional community, and therefore nurtures the connection with our numerous graduates through the BGU alumni organization, as well as with the industry at large. We do so, among other things, by encouraging student initiatives (20-80 forum), and of course by social media (download.png​,linkedin-logo.png).

Come and be a part of the family of industrial engineering and management at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev!​