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Sireen Fakhri Na’oum
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Fluent in Arabic, English and good French
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May 2004 : Ph.D degree in the field of “Agricultural Resources and    Environment / Water Management and Irrigation”
Faculty of Agriculture- University of Jordan. Scoring “Very Good”.
1996-1999 : Master Degree (M.Sc.) in the field of “Environmental 
Science and Management” University of Jordan Faculty of Science. Scoring “Very Good”.

1980-1984 :  Bachelor of Science Degree (B.Sc.) in the field of Soils and   Irrigation
University of Jordan – Faculty of Agriculture. Scoring “Good”.


1. NCARE Position
2003 - present     Researcher at the Water  and Environment Department  National   Center   for Agricultural Research and Extension (NCARE).

Internationally-Granted Research projects

• 2006-2009 USAID- Project Coordinator of Agricultural Utilization of  Low Quality Water funded $265,300 US.
• 2006-2009 USAID- Principle Investigator of Ultra High Frequency Irrigation
• 2008-2012 JICA- Project Coordinator of Deficit Irrigation For Improving Water Productivity of Vegetable Crops. $275,000 US.
• 2012-2016 USAID- Project coordinator of deficit Irrigation of olive trees.
• 2013-2015JICA-Project Coordinator of Introduction of Advanced Agricultural Technology In Dryland Area .Water Saving Techniques. $152,200 US
• 2013-2014 ICARDA- Project Coordinator of Community - based Interventions for Productive Use of Grey-water in Home Framing (Jordan). 75,000 US
• 2008-2012 JICA- Instructor for irrigation courses and farm Survey (providing specific training for Iraqi agricultural engineers).
• 2013-2014 ICARDA- Consultant on CRP2 Policies and markets. Water pricing as a policy measure to improve groundwater sustainability and household livelihoods in Jordan.
• 2014-2017 USAID- Project coordinator Solar-Powered Desalination Of Brackish Water With Nanofiltration Membranes For Intensive Agricultural Use In Jordan $138,575 US.
• 2014-2017 USAID- Project coordinator Sustainable Use of Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment and Reuse in Small Communities $171,182 US.

2. Previous appointments and achievements

• 2005-2006  Assistant Professor, at the Soils and Irrigation Department, Jarash University, Jordan.
A researcher at WHO/HELI (Health and Environment Linkage Initiative) in Jordan for the Water Scarcity and Security: Health and Environment Costs/Benefits from Integrated Water Management Project, Jordan.
• 1996- 2005   Environmental Science teacher for Secondary Classes at the Al-Assriyya Modern School ,Jordan
• 1989-1991   As an English & Science teacher at Azal school (A school supervised by Sana’a University), Sana’a, Yemen Arab Republic.
• 1984 – 1986 : Teacher of Arabic Language at the Taipei Language institute. Taipei, Taiwan.

• July 2002: Watershed Modeling System (WMS) software. Hands on Training Held at Jordan University. Fifth International Course on Wadi Hydrology/ UNESCO-Jordan.
•  July 2003: ICDL course in computer skills. Supervised by the UNESCO.
•  August 2006: Ecohydrology and Phytotechnology for Sustainable Water Resources Management.
• September 2006: International Training Workshop on Decision Support Systems and Crop Modeling; Applying Decision Support for Agrotechnology Transfer Model (DSSAT) As a teaching and training tool by providing interactive responses to "what if" questions related to improved understanding of the influence of season (weather), location (site and soil) and management on growth processes of plants. IFAD, Marrakech, Morocco.
•  December 2006: Irrigation Water Management and Scientific Writing .USDA, Jordan.
• March  2007: Applied Modeling of Water Flow and Contaminant Transport in Soils and Groundwater using the new HYDRUS-3D model. "Hannover,Germany
• March 2009  :Decision Suppport system and crop modeling .Damascus,Syria.
• May 2014: Seminar on water and irrigation efficiency and technology .Amman –Jordan.
• August 2014 :Water Evaluation And Planning System (WEAP ).Amman –Jordan
• August, 2014: Dialogue skills and negotiate with stakeholder. Amman –Jordan


• Naoum , 2004. Optimization of water Allocation in the Agricultural Sector of       the Yarmouk Basin of Jordan. Thesis volume, 2004. University of Jordan.
• Naoum, 1999. Ecotourism in Jordan : A Case Study on the East Coast of the Dead Sea Thesis volume, 1999 . University of Jordan .
• Alon Ben-Gal, Uri Yermiyahu, Sireen Naoum, , Mohammad Jitan, Naeem Mazahreh, PhD, and Muien Qaryouti, 2012. Managing Irrigation Water with High Concentrations of Salts in Arid Regions.Guidlines for water reuse 2012.

Conferences Participations

1. Support Tools to Improve Farm Productivity through Increased Agricultural Input Use Efficiency and Reduced Production Risks, 2009. Damascus, Syria. 3-5 March.
2. Water Valuation Results Workshop, 2013. Amman, Jordan. 25 February.
3. Soil – Waste –Water Workshop 2013, “Olive oil wastes and low quality water in agriculture: Effect and interactions”, Landau, Germany. 3-5 April.
4. Stakeholders Dialogue for Sustainable Water Management in Yarmouk Basin, 2013. Amman, Jordan.24 September.
5. InternationalOlive conference "OLIVEBIOTEQ 2014"Amman-Jordan .3-6 November.
6. National Environmental Conference "Water for us and for our country, our children" 2014 .Amman- Jordan .19 April 
Extension and dissemination activities

1. Extension Agents Training
Two training workshops on Agricultural Utilization of Low Quality Water, including the use of lysimeters, 2007-2009.
Six training workshops of Deficit Irrigation For Improving Water Productivity of Vegetable Crops, 2009-2012.With the participation of extension from North, middle and south of Jordan.

2. Farmers Training and field days 
One field day training on Agricultural Utilization of Low Quality Water. Karama April, 2010.
Six training workshops and field days on Deficit Irrigation For Improving Water Productivity of Vegetable Crops, throughout the project, 2009-2012.For farmers of Mafraq and Ghore Safi.
Three training workshops and field days on Productive Use of Grey-water in Home Framing. 2013-2014. For the local communities of Karak, Madaba and Burgish area.

3. Other extension and dissemination materials
Over 10 extension articles & brochures, 7 roll ups, 1CD, note books,  mugs, folders and booklet .