Contact info:
Central and Northern Arava Research and Development (R&D ARAVA), M.P. Arava, Sapir, 86825 Israel
Tel: +972 8 659 2250
Fax: +972 8 658 1235 (PI)
Academic Education
B.Sc. 1971-1974
In Agronomy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rehovot, Israel
M.Sc. 1976
In Genetics, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rehovot, Israel
Genetic and morphological studies of trisomic mutants affecting branching pattern in peanuts, A. Hypogaea L. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
Professional Experience
-          1971: Kibbutz Kfar Aza, D.N. Shaar Hanegev, dairy farming industry
-          1971: Vocani Center, Department of Vegetable Crops, Cucurbits Breeding Section Neve Ya’ar Experimental Station, experimental assistant to Dr. Z. Karchi, breeding melons.
-          1971-1974: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Field Crops, experimental assistant to Prof. A. Ashri.
-          1975: Sela Carnation Nursery, Moshav Nehalim, adviser to local growers.
-          1976-1986: Israeli Ministry of Agriculture, Extension officer, advisor for greenhouse and open field vegetables for export.
-          Apr-Oct 1986: Purdue University, Indiana, USA, research assistant for Prof. J. Simon in herbs and Medicinal plants.
-          1986-1987: Campbell Institute for Research and Technology, Davis, California, USA, research assistant in the Genetic Engineering Group.
-          Since 1987: Arava Research and Development, Central and North Arava Regional Council, Merkaz Sapir, Co-ordinator of greenhouse and open field vegetable research and Development projects including organic farming.
-          1994: Beijing Agricultural Engineering University, Beijing, China, conducted a course in advanced greenhouse technology.
-          1996 Oct – Nov: Fiji, Taveuni and Singatoka, Fiji Ministry of Agriculture. Taught two courses on Climatic Factors and their effects on Crop Physiology Growth and Development their effects on Crop Physiology, Growth and Development.
-          1997 June-July: China, Puyang - Henan & Hainan, China Ministry of Agriculture Course and lectures on vegetable growth
-          1997 November: South Africa, Univ. of Stellenbosch, Lecture in Symposium for market and growing techniques for the future in, Lecture on growing thechniqes in Israel-the modern way – with reference to tomatoes.
-          1998 June: Kenya, International Training Center, IDRDU – Kibwezi Dryland Station. taught in International Course on Vegetable Crop Production and Extension. (14/7)
-          1999 June: Georgia, Tibelisi, taught Vegetable growing, June 6-18, 1999.
-          2000 July: Zimbabue, Harrare, Horticultural production under drip irrigation. July, 10-14, 17-21, 2000, Victoria, Australia, Presentation in to the Ozponics Group and Hyroponic Farmers Federation educational sessions on Growing tomatoes.
-          2001 September: South Africa, Univ. of Stellenbosch, Association for vegetable under protection Symposium on the Production and Distribution of quality products for an expanding market. In the section of fertigation, giving a lecture on Growing and Fertigation for Export Quality Produce.
-          2001 November: Tianjin, China, 2 weeks, taught Horticultural production - advanced greenhouse technology Chengdu China, 2 weeks
-          2002 October: Namibia, OGONGO Agriculture College University of Namibia, 2 weeks, taught Course on Vegetable Cultivation under Drip Irrigation system.
-          2003 September: Antigua, 2 weeks, taught course on Intensive and sustainable Vegetable production.
-          2004, 29/4– 4/5, Kirgizstan, Consulting, Mashav- Project.
-          2004, 21/6 – 2/7: WuWai, China, 2 week Course on Horticultural production - advanced greenhouse technology
-          2007, 17/3-29/3: Mina, M.A.I.T.C, Nigeria, taught 2 week Course on Intensive Vegetable production.
-          2010, 19/7 – 29/7, Ulan–Batar, Mongolia, taught Course on Intensive Vegetable production in Greenhouses and IPM.
-          2011, 30/10-11/11, Butijira, Etiopia, Training on extension of fruits and vegetables.
-          2012, Workshop on growing salinity and vegetables indoor, 2-5/7/12 Changi, Urumgi, XIinJang. 9-12/7/12 Workshop on growing vegetables in greenhouses,  Qingzheng, Guizhou
-          2013, June. Extension mission & lectures on growing vegetables in greenhouse, Macedonia with Mashav coordinator.
General background
Have been involved in establishing an innovative project to grow greenhouse vegetables for export in the arid Arava region. Previous knowledge gained in other regions was implemented in this project. Throughout my professional career, I have been invited to Spain, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Morocco, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Senegal, Mexico South America, Australia, Japan, Russia and China.
Selection of recent publications
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-          R. Offenbach, U. Yermiyahu, A. Ben-Gal, N Lazarovitch. Blending of desalinated and saline water for efficient agricultural and responsible environmental irrigation in the Arava region.
-          S. Cohen, R. Offenbach, A. Bar-Tal, M. Keinan, A. Maduel, S. Suriano, B. Aloni and L. Karni. Managing of Circulated Nutrient Solutions with Saline Water for Pepper Cultivation. In Proc. IS on Greenhouse Salinity, Eds: A. Pardossi et al. Acta Hort 609, ISHS 2003.
- ReshetPlast– Agrotechnique for growing Peppers for export at Kikar Sedom. Eviatar Ityel – Shaham; Rivka Offenbach – R&D Arava, Ami Madoel – Experimental Station, Kikar Sedom; Raz Ganelevin – Polysack Plastic Industries.
- Yuji Oka, Rivka Offenbach, and Shimon Pivonia 2004 Pepper rootstock graft compatibility and response to Meloidogyne javanica and M. incognita. The Journal of Nematology 36: 137–141.
- Andrea Ghermandia, Rami Messalema, Rivka Offenbach and Shabtai Cohen
Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems / FirstView Article pp 1-10Copyright © Cambridge University Press 2013 DOI: ttp:// (About DOI), Published online: 21 March 2013.