Contact Info:
Environmental Protection and Research Institute-Gaza (EPRI) P.O.Box 1175, Gaza, The Palestinian Authority
Tel: (+972) 8-2821762/2822131
Fax: (+972) 8-2823441 (PI)
Academic education
 Ph.D. 1989 Chemistry and Toxicology of Pesticides, Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University
 M.Sc. 1984 Electrical Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Chemistry and Toxicology of Pesticides, Faculty of Agriculture, Technology, Irbid, Jordan.
B.Sc. 1981 Chemistry of Pesticides (Plant Protection), Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University
Summary of skills
Wide and professional experience in Teaching, Research, Development and Management. Twenty five years experience in Chemistry and Toxicology of Pesticides and their impact on human health and the Environment. Over 20 years of professional working experience at the national, regional & international levels in the fields of Environment, Public Health, Agriculture and Sustainable Development. Initiating and attracting regional and international research grants in the mentioned fields. Principal Investigator and Project Leader in more than 20 international and regional research projects funded mainly by USAID-MERC, DFG-Germany and the EC. Wide experience in international and regional coordination and cooperation in research & development projects mainly with Universities and Institutions of USA, Germany and Middle East Countries e.g. Egypt, Jordan, Israel and others. Wide and professional experience in Diplomatic Negotiations, Creativity, Orientation, Teamwork, Communication, Leadership, Judgment/Decision making, Vision and Empowering others. Published more than 70 research papers in peer reviewed journals and delivered more than 300 presentations, seminars, lectures and statements worldwide. Participated in more than 80 international conferences in USA, Europe, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Bahrain, UAE and other Countries.  
Professional experience
-Professor, Chemistry and Toxicology of Pesticides, Al-Azhar University-Gaza, PNA. 2003-Present.
-Dean, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Al Azhar University-Gaza. May 2005-March 2006.
-Associate Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology of Pesticides, Al- Azhar University -Gaza, PNA.  June 1997-December 2002.
-Dean and Founder of Faculty of Agriculture & Environment, Al-Azhar University-Gaza, PNA. Sept. 1992 to Oct. 1993 & Jan 1995 to Oct. 1996.   
-Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Toxicology of Pesticides, Al-Azhar University-Gaza, PNA. Oct. 1993 to Dec. 1994 & Oct. 1996 to June 1997
-Assistant Professor, Pesticide Chemistry and Toxicology, Hebron University, West Bank. Sept. 1990 to Aug. 1992.
-Director and Chairman of the Executive Committee, and Founder of the Environmental Protection & Research Institute (EPRI), Gaza, PNA. 1989-present.
-Consultant at Scientific Center for Equipments, Chemicals and Pesticides at Alexandria, Egypt. Oct. 1986 to Sept. 1989.
-Researcher at Arab Scientific Institute of Research and Transfer of Technology. West Bank. Jan. 1985 to Aug. 1986.
Selection of recent publications (last 5 years)
-El-Nahhal Y and Jamal Safi (2010): Adsorption of Bromoxynil to Modified Bentonite: Influence of pH and Temperature. J. Pesticide Science, 35(3) 000-000.
-El-Nahhal Y and Safi J (2010): Controlled Release Formulations of Bromacil to Reduce Soil and Water Contamination. From Academia to Pesticide Industry Conference, March, 24-25, Alexandria University, Egypt, p 22.
-Novack L., B. Sarov, R. Goldman-Levy, V. Yahalom, J. Safi, H. Soliman, M. Orgel, A. Yaari, N. Galai, J.S. Pliskin, E. Shinar (2008): Impact of Pooling on Accuracy of HBsAg Screening of Blood Donations. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 102(8): 787-92.   
-El-Nahhal Y. and Jamal Safi (2008): Removal of Pesticide Residues from Water by Organo-Bentonites. Proceedings of the 12th International Water Technology Conference, IWTC12 Alexandria, Egypt March 27-30, pp 1711-1723. 
-Sarov B., L. Novack, N. Beer, Jamal Safi, Hassan Soliman, R. Goldman-Levy, J. S. Pliskin, E. Litvak, A. Yaari, and E. Shinar (2007): Feasibility and cost-benefit of implementing pooled screening for HCVAg in small blood bank settings. Transfusion Medicine, 17: 479-487.
-Sarov B., L. Novack, N. Galai, A. Yaari, M. Orgel, Jamal Safi, V. Yahalom and E. Shinar (2007): Estimation of delay in detecting HCV antibodies in pools compared to individual testing on seroconversion panels. Clinical Microbiology and Infection, 13:737-739.
-Kaiser J., M. Yassin, S. Prakash, N. Safi, M. Agami, S. Lauw, E. Ostrozhenkova, A. Bacher, F. Rohidich, W. Eisenrech, J. Safi and A. Golan-Goldhirsh (2007): Anti-malarial drug targets. Screening for inhibitors of 2C-methyl-D-erythritol 4-phosphate synthase (IspC protein) in Mediterranean plants. Phytomedicine, 14(4):242-9.
-Novack L., E. Shinar, Jamal Safi, Hassan Soliman, A. Yaari, N. Galai, J. Pliskin and B. Sarov (2007): Evaluation of pooled screening for anti-HCV in two blood services set-ups. Tropical Medicine & International Health, 12 (3):415-421.
-Safi J and El-Nahhal Y (2007): Impact of Petroleum Consumption on the Environmental Quality in Gaza Strip, Palestine (Case Study). The Second International Conference for Science and Development, March 6-7, The Islamic University of Gaza, PNA, p 140.