Contact Info:
Central and Northern Arava Research and Development (R&D ARAVA), M.P. Arava, Sapir, 86825 Israel
Tel: +972 8 659 2250
Fax: +972 8 658 1235 (PI)
Academic Education:
1986-1989- BA in Chemistry , The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
1990-1992- MA Applied Chemistry,  Institute of Kazali at Hebrew University. Different  types of delayed-release fertilizers.
Courses in management and economics.
Professional experience:
Starting from 1992 , planting vegetables at Moshav Ein Yahav ,Arava - a wide product range.
In the last  fifteen years , concentrated in one crop (pepper). Most  of the years , I managed 120 acres: working with a large staff (20 employees) - by method of appointment of sub-managers and delegation of authority. Motivating the employees - bonuses for outstanding employees ,creating a sense of belonging .
Establishing a common packing with  farmers: 2000 tons of pepper exports. Implementing a 9002 ISO  at  the first packing house  at ARAVA. Implementation of British operating procedures standards in  a food factory.
Center of development attempts for Monsanto.
Founder of " Edom" export company that has created a triangle partnership between farmers markets and  distributers in England .
Marketing in England  is safer - 60% of the production is sold by a minimal price. Thus capable of reducing exposure to market changes and creating a strong relationship with the end customer.
 Member of the "Edom"  Board in the first five years from its foundation. Co-founder and joint Bia"r's logistics center in "Edom". Chairman of the packing house three years since its foundation. (Selecting and training managers, label and implementing quality policy, efficiency and relationships with buyers)
Member of the Moshav Ein Yahav 4 years.
Member of the Association of vegetables marketing 8 years, of which 4 years I served as chair of the Association. During this period, we conducted significant changes in the structure and functioning of the Association. And today we are considered the largest marketing association in the country vegetables with a very large range of products marketed vegetables 365 days a year.
A true patriot of the prairie. Believe in the coming years we will have to concentrate a supreme effort to find alternative employment to the area so that we can increase the population. (In addition of course one must not ignore the growth and development of techniques for finding alternatives tumor.)
Projects Abroad:
Agricultural consultant project vegetable and marketing in China.
Independent project to rice irrigation in Thailand - 30 acres of attempts to increase different varieties of rice by drip irrigation  - third year of the project.