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Mar. 15, 2023


 As part of their weeklong trip to Israel, a group of Vanderbilt University faculty members and students paid a two-day visit to BGU's Sde Boker Campus to learn about the water treatment research underway at the BIDR and to develop relationships for potential future collaborations, including graduate student exchange. Vanderbilt University, located in Nashville, TN, USA, has formed a unique partnership with Sterling Ranch, a new community being developed in Colorado, in which Vanderbilt faculty and students collaborate with Sterling Ranch planners to design and implement sustainable systems and technology. 

BIDR faculty members shared their research on desalination, water treatment, and wastewater reuse with the Vanderbilt delegation, which may be beneficial to the Sterling Ranch project. In addition, Prof. Noam Weisbrod and Prof. Edo Bar-Zeev accompanied the Vanderbilt visitors to the Ashkelon Desalination Plant in Ashkelon and the Shafdan Wastewater Treatment Plant on the outskirts of Tel Aviv to view these technologies in action. The visit will hopefully lead to many productive collaborative projects.