Jan. 22, 2020

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Dr. Orna Reisman-Berman and Prof. Tel-Zur Noemi ( The Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research)  with a colleague Prof. Keasar Tamar (Haifa University), have recently published a paper in one of the leading forestry journals.  The paper proposes a novel conceptual framework for dryland afforestation. The framework aims at enhancing ecosystem services and livelihood support while minimizing the harmful effects of afforestation on the integrity of the surrounding natural arid ecosystems.  It is based on participatory species selection and planning of the afforestation by the local communities and other professional stakeholders. The candidate species are then tested with an array of experiments for their compliance with the ecological and sociological criteria for forming an environmental-friendly, contributing afforestation.    There is an emphasis on the need for creating multi-functional afforestation that would address the limited resources in drylands. The proposed framework was tested in the last years in two sites:  in Sde-Boqer by Yannai Zausmer (MSc.) and the contribution of Dr. Udi Zurgil and Ms. Shlomo Feingold;  and in Jordan with Jordanian colleagues – funded by MERC-USAID

Reisman-Berman2019_Article_NativeAndNon-nativeSpeciesForD (002).pdf