A Visa to Enter Israel

Enclosed is some useful information regarding the procurement of a visa to enter Israel.

As a foreign national, you need to obtain a visa from the nearest Israeli Embassy or Consulate. Anyone entering Israel needs a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the date of the expiration date of the requested visa. The description of specific visa requirements can be found on the website of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Please be aware that the visa application process can be lengthy.

​Please note: foreigners who enter Israel with a tourist visa will not be allowed to change the type of their visa, and will be forced to leave Israel, return to their home country and re-enter with the proper visa.

As a first time applicant for visa:
In order to enter and stay in Israel, you must obtain an appropriate and up-to-date visa that is in correlation with the purpose of your stay. Please make sure to follow the following steps:

Please contact the BCSC office (inter@bgu.ac.il) at BGU in order to get an assistance with your visa application.

Obtain a health insuranc​e (at least for the days of your travel to Israel, after your arrival it is possible through the Office of Hospitality Administration Department for all your stay here). This is a mandatory request.

·​ Your insurance must cover the following areas:

All medical emergencies, hospitalization, medical flight evacuation back to your home country, transportation of mortal remains.     

Obtain an acceptance/explanation letter from BGU.

Visit the closest Israel representation with the acceptance letter and other documents requested by the relevant representation, in order to stamp your passport with the relevant visa.

The description of specific visa requirements (A/2 Student visa) can be found on the website of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

 Send a scanned copy of your health insurance policy, acceptance letter and visa to the BCSC Office   (inter@bgu.ac.il).

When you arrive at BGU, please bring a copy of your entrance permit, received at the passport control, to the visa coordinator. Please note that all foreign citizens must carry a valid copy of visa and passport at all times.

 BGU guidelines regarding Visa and Health Insurance for International Researchers and Students (in Hebrew).