Travel Grants for Postdocs Presenting Work at Conferences Abroad

We provide travel grants to postdoctoral researchers, enabling them to present their research at international conferences relevant to desertification. This support allows them to present their research findings, engage with peers, and contribute to global scientific discourse.​ We are pleased to offer a grant of up to $600 USD for postdocs presenting a lecture at an international conference, and a grant of up to $300 USD for postdocs presenting a poster.

In order to apply for the BCSC Travel Grant, the following qualifications must be met: 

1. Applicants whose postdoctoral position is for less than one year are not eligible to apply.

2. The grant can only be awarded during the first two years of the postdoc's position. Postdocs can receive up to two travel grants during their two-year position but only one per academic year. 

3. The postdoc applicant must return to the BIDR directly after the conference. 

4. The presentation must be on work that was carried out at the BIDR. 

5. The postdoc applicant must be the first author of the abstract that will be presented, and must also be the presenter. 

6. The affiliation, Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research, must be appropriately acknowledged. 

 The application should be received before the date of the conference and according to the following deadlines:

November 20, 2023

March 7, 20​24

June 6, 2024​

To apply, please merge all of the following documents into a single, compiled PDF file and submit it to the BCSC Office at 

1. The Application Form for Postdoc Travel Grant. travel form post.docx

2. A copy of the abstract to be presented at the conference.

3. The formal notification of acceptance to the conference and evidence of paid conference registration.   ​

​​4. A letter of recommendation from the postdoc's supervisor. The letter should explicitly highlight why it is important for the applicant to present work at this conference (rather than a general recommendation letter).

5. A proforma invoice for the roundtrip airplane ticket to and from the conference. 

6. An itemized list of expected expenses. The amount of the travel grant, together with any other support, may not exceed the conference expenses. The postdoc must submit a final budget report within 30 days after his/her return in order to receive the funds. 


Please note that the Steering Committee will not review incomplete applications.